Lars-Åke Lindqvist

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Lars-Åke Lindqvist (born October 13, 1959 in Borås ) is a former Swedish rower . He won the 1983 world championship bronze in a four-man without a helmsman .

Lindqvist started in the single , in this boat class he finished sixth at the Junior World Championships in 1977. The following year he reached fifth place in the single at the Match des Seniors , a forerunner of the U23 World Championships . In 1979 he finished sixth in the senior's match with the Swedish eighth .

In 1983 Anders Wilgotson , Hans Svensson , Lars-Åke Lindqvist and Anders Larson formed a foursome. At the world championships in Duisburg , the boat from Germany won ahead of the boat from the Soviet Union. Four seconds behind, the Swedes won the bronze medal with almost a second advantage over the boat from the GDR . At the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the Swedish four-man competed in the previous year's line-up and finished in sixth place.

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