Leipzig Park Railway

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Leipzig Park Railway
Steam train in Auensee station
Steam train in Auensee station
Route length: 1.9 km
Gauge : 381 mm ( Liliputbahn )
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1.5 Gustav-Esche-Strasse
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1.8 Item 2
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0.0 Auensee
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House by the lake
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Item 1
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0.6 Elsteraue
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0.5 Elsteraue block station
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The Leipziger Parkeisenbahn , also called Parkeisenbahn Auensee , is a miniature railway that runs around the Leipziger Auensee in a circular course of 1.9 kilometers in length.

The railway was opened in August 1951 and was a pioneer railway of the German Democratic Republic until German reunification in 1990 . The driving operation is mainly guaranteed by children and young people. The Parkeisenbahn Leipzig is operated by the Parkeisenbahn Auensee Association .


90 years of Martens' standard LILIPUT locomotive

The later Leipzig Pioneer Railway was opened on August 5, 1951 as the second 381 mm pioneer railway in the GDR. At this time four cars and a steam locomotive were used. They came from the exhibiting company Brangsch (later VEB Baugerätehof Leipzig).

In 1988, eight new passenger cars and a supply car, which is used to generate compressed air and electricity and are used in steam trains, were built in the Dresden Reichsbahn repair shop. In order to accommodate the new wagons, the railway's parking facilities were expanded. Two of the four older cars were later scrapped, the other two cars went to the Dresden Park Railway. These were later converted into a flat car or an equipment car.

In 1995 the Parkeisenbahn received a former diesel locomotive from the Muskau Forest Railway , which was converted into an electric accumulator locomotive .


The steam locomotive 03 002 and an electric battery locomotive are used as locomotives on the Leipzig Park Railway . There are eight passenger cars and one freight car for generating electricity and compressed air for the steam train from 1988.

Steam locomotive 03 002

Locomotive 03 002
Steam locomotive 03 002

The steam locomotive 03 002 (originally 002, later 03 215) was built by the Krauss company in 1925 . The factory number was 8352. At first, the locomotive was then used at various exhibitions, including in Dresden , until it was used during the Second World War, along with a few cars and the 001-Lisa and 003-Moritz locomotives of the same design that are used today at the Dresden Park Railway , which was parked in a quarry near Kamenz .

The locomotive has operated in Leipzig since the Park Railway was founded and has also been to Dresden for three locomotive exchanges (2003, 2010 and 2015). In 1965 the appearance of the locomotive was adapted to the 03 series, so the rail clearer was removed and buffers attached.

The 03 002 locomotive is equipped with an air brake and a hand brake.

Construction year 1925
Manufacturer Krauss & Co. AG Munich
Wheel alignment 2´C1´ ( Pacific )
Length over coupling 7430 mm (including tender)
Service weight 8.1 t (including tender)
operating pressure 13 bar (at)
power 22 kW
speed 30 km / h
Brakes Air brake & hand brake (tender)

Electric battery locomotive

Electric battery locomotive

In addition to the steam locomotive, the Leipzig Park Railway also has an electric battery locomotive, which was created in 1995 by converting a former diesel locomotive built in 1958 by the Muskau Forest Railway . Like the steam locomotive 03 002, this locomotive is equipped with an air brake.

Construction year Reconstruction 1995 (1958)
Manufacturer Deutsche Bahn AG, Halle / Saale plant, basis: field railway diesel locomotive type NS 1b, (600 mm gauge) of the Muskau Forest Railway
Wheel alignment B.
Length over coupling 3080 mm
Service weight 3.85 t
Driving voltage 80 V
power 8 kW
speed 16 km / h (as of February 2015)
Brakes Air brake & spring brake & magnetic brake


The Leipzig Park Railway currently has nine serviceable cars. These are eight passenger cars built in 1988 that are braked with compressed air and each have 16 seats, as well as a freight car that is placed in steam trains behind the locomotive and was also built in 1988. This supplies compressed air through a compressor for the brakes of the train and electricity through a generator .

There used to be four passenger cars from 1925, two of which were scrapped after the eight new passenger cars were built and the other two cars went to the Dresden Park Railway. These were then later converted into a flat or equipment trolley.

dare Passenger car no. 1-4 * Passenger car no. 5-12 Technical company car No. 13
Construction year 1925 1988/89 1988
Manufacturer Wumag Görlitz RAW Dresden RAW Dresden
Wheel alignment 2´2´ 2´2´ 2´2´
Length over coupling 6500 mm 6500 mm 4139 mm
Weight (without passengers) 1.20 t 1.35 t 2.32 t
Wheel diameter 190 mm 220 mm 220 mm
brake Vacuum brake & hand brake Compressed air brake with emergency brake Air brake
Number of seats 16 adults or 24 children 16 adults or 24 children -

(*) Passenger cars No. 1-4 were retired in 1989, 2 cars were scrapped and 2 cars were handed over to the Parkeisenbahn Dresden (they were converted into work cars there)


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