Competitive sport (magazine)

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competitive sport

description German sports magazine
First edition 1971
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
editor German Olympic Sports Confederation
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The magazine " Leistungssport" has been published every two months since 1971 and is published by the German Olympic Sports Confederation . Editor-in-chief was Peter Tschiene from Issue 1 to 2017, and Helmut Nickel from 2018. Right from the start, the magazine opened up to the knowledge of training science from the Eastern Bloc and was the first sports science magazine to end the division between East and West. It is regarded as the leading training science journal in the western world. The GDR magazine Theory and Practice of Competitive Sports was discontinued after the fall of the Wall. Both journals are digitized free of charge at the Institute for Applied Training Science .

Most frequent authors

In the first 40 years of the magazine's appearance, the following authors published the most articles:

Individual evidence

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