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Levold von Northof (born February 5, 1279 - † October 3, 1359 ), also Levoldi de Northof , was canon of Liège and historian of the county of Mark . His family name goes back to the Nordhof near Pelkum .

life and work

Levold von Northof came from a Westphalian knight family. His father was a servant to the Counts of the Mark, who did a lot for the upbringing and training of his son. According to his own information, Levold studied in Erfurt from 1294, but was recalled against his will by a relative, Drost Rutger von Altena, the following year . After several trips he was able to continue his studies in Avignon from May 1308 . After its completion, Count Adolf , who became Bishop of Liège in 1313, opened an honorable career for him. He procured him a profitable benefice in Worms , which he did not have to provide himself, then a canonical in Liege and finally the income from the Viset Abbey. He accompanied Count Engelbert II from the Mark in 1326 to the papal court in Avignon, but mostly lived in Liège without any financial worries and died in 1359 at the age of 80.

Levold probably wrote the Chronica comitum de Marka in the 1350s , a chronicle of the Counts of Mark and Altena , which he gave to Count Engelbert III. , his pupil, dedicated. The work, which goes back to 1358, also contains a lot of information about other regions of Westphalia, about the Rhineland, the Netherlands, and generally about western Germany. From the time of King Rudolf I , Levold brought valuable information from his own knowledge about the Counts of the Mark and the diocese of Liège . He also wrote a less important catalog of the Archbishops of Cologne , probably for school use by the young counts, based on older works .


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