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Bottle of Rose's Lime Juice .
Lime Juice Cordial by Monin

With Rose's Lime Juice , Lime Juice Cordial Mixer or short lime juice (from English lime juice = lime juice and Cordial = original : Antidepressant), various non-alcoholic and sweetened beverage accessories referred, the juice from limes contain.

Recipe and use

In contrast to fresh lime juice, Lime Juice Cordial is sweetened, but not as strong as lime syrup . Depending on the manufacturer, the fruit juice content varies between 30% and over 50%. In addition to water, lime juice and sugar, Lime Juice Cordial can also contain other citrus juices, flavorings and preservatives .

The first known Lime Juice Cordial was made by Lauchlin Rose in Edinburgh in the mid-19th century . At that time, ships carried perishable stocks of citrus fruits or lime juice preserved with rum on long voyages to prevent scurvy . The novel Rose's Lime Juice should be easier to store and healthier by avoiding alcohol.

Thanks to modern methods of food preservation, Lime Juice Cordial is no longer required in shipping today, but it has established itself as a basic ingredient in many classic cocktails , as fresh limes, for example, were difficult or impossible to obtain in Germany until the 1990s . In older specialist books and cocktail recipes in particular, the ingredient lime juice often does not refer to fresh lime juice , but rather a lime juice cordial . Traditionally, the gimlet is made with Lime Juice Cordial .

Brands and products

Rose founded L. Rose & Company in 1865 and patented the process in 1867. In the same year the Merchant Shipping Act was passed, which obliged all ships of the Royal Navy and all British merchant ships to serve lime juice to the crew in daily rations. The most important supplier was L. Rose & Company. In 1895 the company acquired its own plantations on Dominica , and in 1924 on the Gold Coast, today's Ghana . In 1957 Schweppes acquired the company. Later the company moved to the USA and finally became part of the newly founded Dr Pepper Snapple Group in 2008 . Rose's Lime Juice - often referred to simply as Rose’s for short - is still produced today, but the recipes differ slightly depending on the sales market. In Germany, Rose's Lime Juice is produced and distributed by Schweppes Deutschland, a company of the Krombacher Group.

In addition to L. Rose & Company, JOHN'S Juices Ltd. was founded in 1882. approved as an official supplier to the Royal Navy. The brand was bought by the Munich beverage wholesaler Josef A. Korn GmbH & Co. Weinhandels-KG and still exists today under the name JOHN'S Natural Cordials.

Meanwhile, Rose's Lime Juice offered by numerous syrup producers. In addition to Rose's Lime Jucie , the Monin product is particularly widespread in the German food retail market .

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