Linhardt metal goods factory

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Linhardt GmbH & Co. KG

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1943
Seat Viechtach , Bavaria

GermanyGermany Germany

management Johannes Schick, Ulrich Schlapp
Number of employees circa 1250

(2019, German locations)

sales approx. 150 million euros

LINHARDT GmbH & Co. KG is a German company with headquarters in Viechtach (Bavaria). The company has specialized in the development and production of packaging - primarily tubes, cans and tubes made of aluminum, plastic and laminates. The company's main clientele are the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


In addition to its headquarters in Viechtach, the company also has branches in Hambrücken (Baden-Württemberg), Pausa (Saxony) and Bijsk (Russia). The joint venture in Biysk is called "Linhardt Altai".

History group

In 1938, Christian and Ernst Linhardt from Rehau took over the first Bamberg metal capsule factory Kaufmann & Sohn in Bamberg from the Jewish owner Ernst Neuburger in the course of Aryanization . The takeover price set by the district economic consultant was 190,000 Reichsmarks (RM), although a few months earlier the purchase price had been 290,000 RM. As a result, a compensatory levy of RM 68,800 had to be paid retrospectively. The responsible regional economic advisor at the time was Ludwig Linhardt from Bayreuth. The Bamberg plant was badly damaged by bombs in 1945 ; production was resumed in 1949. The Bamberg plant was closed in 2005 and demolished a few years later.

In 1943 Christian Linhardt founded the factory in Viechtach, which developed into the company headquarters. In 1947 the Hambrücken plant started production. In 1990 the tube factory in Pausa (Saxony) followed. In 2000, Linhardt founded the “Clean Factory”, which was then the first factory in the industry with clean room production . The joint venture with Russian partners in Biysk followed in 2012 .


Linhardt regularly takes part in national and international packaging competitions. Linhardt has won the German Packaging Prize several times ; In 2011 Linhardt won the “design plus” award from the German Design Council (material vision).

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) has awarded the company the World Star several times.


Linhardt is a member of the Association of European Tube Manufacturers (etma), which the former managing director Monika Kopra-Schäfer headed as president from 2012 to 2016. In addition, LINHARDT is a member of the Association of European Aerosol Can Manufacturers (AEROBAL).

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