Linux libertine

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Linux libertine
font Linux libertine
category Serif
Font classification 19th century book script
Type foundry Libertine Open Fonts project
publication September 2003
Font example for Linux Libertine

Linux Libertine is a free font for computers (available under the GPL , optionally also the SIL Open Font License ) and part of the Libertine Open Fonts project . Its goal is to create free fonts to offer users alternatives to proprietary fonts such as Times New Roman . Linux Libertine is developed with the free editor FontForge .


Example for the uppercase ß in Linux Libertine

Linux Libertine is a proportional serif font with the character of a book font from the 19th century. However, your character set has been developed from scratch and adapted to today's requirements. Linux Libertine includes more than 2000 characters in Unicode encoding and therefore supports many different languages ​​of the western character sets Latin , Greek , Cyrillic and Hebrew . It also offers numerous ligatures (such as ff, fi, tt, ch, ...) and uses special characters such as those of the international phonetic spelling IPA , arrows, fleurons , Roman numerals and old style figures , and real small caps . The use of OpenType enables the automatic positioning and replacement of typographical special cases, such as B. with undercuts , ligatures and real fractions.

As of version 2.6, the "new" large Eszett is also included as a special feature .

The fonts are available on the project page in the source text as well as in OpenType and TrueType format and are available in the following font styles, each containing small caps and the special characters mentioned above:

  • normal
  • fat
  • Italic
  • Bold italic

There is also a version in Graphite format based on the project.

The Libertine offers itself as a replacement for Times New Roman , which suggests a comparison with this one. Actually, Libertine (magenta) is much more similar to the Minion (cyan). It can be seen that the thickness of the stems and serifs match, as well as an approximate match of the middle and ascenders. The Minion's tracking has been adjusted slightly. Modifications in relation to the initial publication can also be seen in the Libertine.

Linux Biolinum

Linux Biolinum
font Linux Biolinum
category Organogrotesque
Font classification Sans serif markup font
Type foundry Libertine Open Fonts project
publication March 2009

Since March 2009, the Linux Libertine family has also included an organogrotesk, that is, a sans serif with varying line widths, called "Linux Biolinum". The vertical metric is identical to that of the libertine, so that the two types harmonize well with each other.

Linux Biolinum is intended as a markup font and is available in the following font styles :

  • normal
  • fat
  • Italic

There is also a keyboard variant in which the individual characters are shown as keys. Additional keys such as B. Ctrl or Tab can be represented by ligatures.


Libertinus is a fork of Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum version 5.3.0 that is maintained by Khaled Hosny. Libertine became Libertinus Serif, Biolinum became Libertinus Sans and Libertine Mono became Libertinus Mono. In addition, Libertinus provides a Math variant that is suitable for the OpenType formula set with OpenType TeX variants and Microsoft Word from version 2007. In contrast to Linux Libertine, Libertinus is currently (as of March 2020) being actively developed; the current version is version 6.11.


The words "Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia", which were previously set in the Hoefler Text font, are set with Linux Libertine in the new Wikipedia logo, which has been used in all language editions of Wikipedia since around mid-2010. At the request of the Wikipedians, a crossed “W” (U + E02F) was specially designed for this purpose, which has since been included in the font as an OpenType feature.

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