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Typographic fleuron: the aldus leaf

Fleuron ([ fløˈrɔ̃ ], French fleur 'flower' ) is a stylized floral ornament in the form of a flower bouquet , a flower basket or a flower or leaf tendril , as used in the ornamentation of the decorative arts.

High-Gothic pinnacle fleuron, around 1220
from: Le-Duc: Dictionnaire de l'architecture

A distinction can be made between voluminous and more flat to maximally relief-like implementations. Further distinctions between naturalistic and largely stylized forms, as well as those that represent real plants and floral fictions are possible.

The Gothic finial (around 1200) primarily stands for the voluminous representations , as can be found above all on spiers and other merging of architectural lines.

Leather book cover with fleuron embossing
Kleist : Michael Kohlhaas , Insel-Bücherei 161

Flat fleurons can be found primarily in the book industry , historical construction , textile design , historical armor , general object design and especially in heraldry . A flat fleuron is a painted or partly plastic ornament. In construction, flat fleurons can often be found below windows and implemented in numerous mosaics .

The book industry makes use of both book illumination and book printing on the Fleuron. It is one of many ways to create ornaments . When designing initials , it can be found as a so-called fleuronné . On the covers of books from the 17th to the 20th century, it has found its way into the stamps used for this in the form of flowers or blossoms . It can also be found as a helmet ornament , on clothing, wall hangings and on everyday objects and ornaments.

In heraldry, it is used in the so-called pedestal as one of several forms of accessories. Even clearly brand-like expressions of flowers can be found in the large area of ​​heraldry in the form of the lily , which is also used as a scout symbol. The Luther rose serves in various forms as a symbol of the Evangelical Lutheran churches . Even in modern branding ( signets ) there are numerous fleural abstractions, for example as a logo component of the historical computer company Tulip Computers NV or in multi-colored form, etc. a. as a tray icon on the popular ICQ messenger .

Crown of rank of a grandee

Fleuron is also called the floral prongs on the ring of a crown .


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