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FontForge under KDE
Basic data

developer George Williams
Publishing year 1999
Current  version 20200314
(March 14, 2020)
operating system Unix-like ( Linux , Mac OS X , ...), Windows
programming language C.
category Font editor
License Mixture of the GNU General Public License v3 and the BSD license
German speaking Yes

FontForge is a free font editing program for designing and editing computer fonts . It is similar to Fontographer and Fontlab . FontForge is available for various operating systems with X11 and Windows.


The program has been developed since 2000 by the programmer and type designer George Williams (* 1959) from Santa Barbara , California. The reason for the development was Williams' dissatisfaction with the then market leader Fontographer , which was bought by Macromedia in 1995 and not further developed since 1997 in favor of in-house competing products. Williams originally called his editor "PfaEdit" (abbreviation for PostScript Font ASCII Editor ). After the program was no longer limited to the PostScript format at the end of 2000, it was renamed "FontForge" in 2004.

The development of the also free GNU Font Editor was stopped in 2001 in favor of FontForge.


FontForge allows the processing of fonts in the following formats: PostScript including CID-coded fonts ( Character Identifier keyed fonts ), TrueType , OpenType including CFF ( Compact Font Format ), Multiple Master Fonts , Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), in bitmap format BDF ( Bitmap Distribution Format ), Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and others. FontForge can also be used to convert fonts from one format to another.

With its own scripting language , the FontForge functions can be used in self-written programs. This enables complex and often repetitive work processes to be automated. FontForge also offers a Python connection.

FontForge's graphical user interface is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Free fonts developed with FontForge

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