Hoefler text

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Hoefler text
font Hoefler text
category Serif
Font family Hoefler text
Font classification Venetian Renaissance Antiqua
Font designer Jonathan Hoefler
Client Apple Inc.
Type foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Creation 1991
owner Apple Inc.
Based on Baroque
fonts Jean Jannon / Nicholas Kis (17th century)
Variations Hoefler Text Ornaments
Hoefler Titling
Font example for Hoefler Text

Hoefler Text is an Antiqua that was designed for the Californian computer manufacturer Apple to demonstrate the possibilities of new writing techniques. Hoefler Text should enable typesetting at the highest level and is therefore stylistically based on classic fonts. The appearance of Hoefler Text was influenced by the Baroque fonts by Jean Jannon and Nicholas Kis from the 17th century. Hoefler Text was designed by Hoefler & Co. developed.

Hoefler Text uses the sophisticated typographical possibilities of Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) and enables typesetting with automatic ligatures , long s and round s, real small caps , old style numbers and swash letters. Hoefler Text contains its own ornament font. In addition, a separate range of fonts is available for headings, Hoefler Titling .

Hoefler Text is supplied with macOS from version 10.3 (Panther).

This font was used in both the old Wikipedia logo and the White House website .

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