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The list of stumbling blocks in Lengede contains all the stumbling blocks that were laid by Gunter Demnig in Lengede as part of the art project of the same name . They are intended to commemorate the victims of National Socialism who lived and worked in Lengede. With three relocations since November 2008, a total of three stumbling blocks have been laid. (As of June 2019)

List of stumbling blocks

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image address Laying date Person, inscription annotation
Zobel, Karl Reinhold - Broistedter Str. 9, Lengede.jpg Broistedter Strasse 9
Erioll world.svg
November 24, 2008
Karl Reinhold

born in 1890
, lived here,
murdered in
February 1945
Karl Reinhold Zobel was born in 1890. From 1924 until his dismissal in 1933 he was the social democratic community leader of Lengede and a member of the board of the German Metalworkers' Association . After his arrest he was sent to the Hallendorf labor education camp and later to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp . He died in February 1945 on the transport or in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp .
Zdyn, Franz - Grubenweg - corner of Schacht-Anna-Ring.jpg Grubenweg
corner of Schacht-Anna-Ring
Erioll world.svg
29th September 2016
Franz Zdyn,
born in 1895, worked here,
Jehovah's Witness
arrested 13.12.1944,
death sentence 13.2.1945,
beheaded March 9 , 1945
Wolfenbüttel prison
Franz Zdyn was born on October 1, 1895 in Bielschowitz . He worked in Poland as a train conductor and joined the International Bible Students in 1927 after his conversion . He was married and had three children. He was dismissed from service in 1933 because of his religious beliefs . From November 1939, Zdyn lived without his family in Lengede in the so-called “ single home ” on the grounds of the Anna mine and worked as a compulsory mine worker in the Ilseder hut . In September 1944 he did not fill out a form from the military registration office and instead wrote a conscientious objection to military service based on his religion . In November 1944 he was summoned and explained why he refused to do military service. Until then, his citizenship remained open, because Reich Germans had no right to refuse. Thereupon he was arrested on December 8, 1944, indicted and sentenced to death on February 13, 1945 in Hildesheim by the Hanover Special Court. Franz Zdyn was the last Jehovah's Witness to be beheaded with the guillotine on March 9, 1945 in Wolfenbüttel prison .
Wing, Otto - Schmiedestr.  9, Klein Lafferde.jpg Schmiedestrasse 9
Klein Lafferde
Erioll world.svg
0May 7, 2019
Otto Flügel,
born in 1899, lived here .
Hildesheim sanatorium
'moved' May 12, 1941
murdered May 12, 1941
'Aktion T4'
Otto Flügel was born on August 11, 1899 as the son of a farmer in Vallstedt . He wanted to become a teacher, but began training as a butcher due to lack of money. After completing his training, he did military service in World War I and suffered a nervous breakdown at the front . On his return he married his wife Hermine in 1923 and had two daughters with her. In 1930 he became unemployed and showed behavioral changes that doctors in Hildesheim diagnosed as schizophrenia . As a result, he was housed in the local sanatorium and nursing home there from 1933 , requests for discharge were rejected and drug treatment continued. On March 14, 1941, he was transferred to the Waldheim state institution and on May 12, 1941, he was taken to the Pirna-Sonnenstein killing center, where he and 37 other people were murdered in the gas chamber in Action T4 on the same day .


  • November 24, 2008: a stumbling block at an address
  • September 29, 2016: a stumbling block at an address
  • May 7, 2019: a stumbling block at an address

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