List of winners of the Silver Medal for Services to the Republic of Austria (1952)

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This non-exhaustive list includes owners of the Silver Medal for Services to the Republic of Austria (1952) with brief details on the person and, if known, on the occasion of the award.

For the sake of consistency, the occupation or function designations always include the occupation learned (if relevant, otherwise the occupation exercised at the time of the award) and below the function, ranked according to political level.

The entries are sorted alphabetically within the year, if known, according to the year of award or publication, but the year information is blurred due to the different sources, as the time from the application to the award to the announcement can be several months.

A - partly incomplete - list can be found in a query response from the Federal Chancellor:


nationality Surname Born Died job function Award
AustriaAustria Ernst Braumüller 1952
AustriaAustria Rudolf Altof Foreman Road construction foreman 1954
AustriaAustria Ferdinand Atteneder 1954
AustriaAustria Theresa Balic Attendant Official waiting in the LAA Vienna 1954
AustriaAustria Karl Boldrino 1954
AustriaAustria Karl Boesch 1954
AustriaAustria Franz Brunner 1954
AustriaAustria Johann Brunner 1954
AustriaAustria Albert Decker 1954
AustriaAustria Alfred Denk 1954
AustriaAustria Leopold Dörrer 1954
AustriaAustria Walter Ebner 1954
AustriaAustria Johann Eichler 1954
AustriaAustria Alois Eisl 1954
AustriaAustria Josef Engerth 1954
AustriaAustria Franz Engl 1954
AustriaAustria Josef Exl 1954
AustriaAustria Johann Moritz ranger 1962
AustriaAustria Rudolf Fritz 1975
AustriaAustria Karl Stöllberger Fire chief Commander of the Ostermiething Volunteer Fire Brigade 1984
GermanyGermany Norbert Markus police officer Police officer in the German Federal Criminal Police Office 1986
AustriaAustria Ernest Windholz 1996
AustriaAustria Helmut Hauer 2013
AustriaAustria Gertraud Teppan politician 2006
AustriaAustria Christina Gariel police officer District inspector of the Federal Police 2008
AustriaAustria Elfriede König Club official Chairwoman of the dirndl, brandy and dried fruit community in Pielachtal 2016
AustriaAustria Anna Pendl Officer ÖBB employees
AustriaAustria Otto Pendl 1951 Prison guard Prison guard in Vienna and politician
AustriaAustria Hermann Weber 1939 2017 official Lifesaver and official of the Austrian Federal Railways
AustriaAustria Ernst Winter 1958 official Official in the service of the presidential office
AustriaAustria Franz Schuster 1891 1975 Mayor of Markt Piesting 1956


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  • Günter Erich Schmidt: medals and decorations of Austria 1945-1999. - Vienna 1999

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  1. Answer of the Federal Chancellor (PDF; 6.9 MB)