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The list of listed objects in Lessach contains the 8 listed , immovable objects of the municipality Lessach in the Salzburg district of Tamsweg .


photo   monument Location description
Baierl grain box
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Grain box Baierl ObjektID

since 2012

Lessach 15 KG
: Lessach
A small storage tank from the 1st half of the 18th century, which was completely renovated in 2005. The facilities for storing bacon and bread are still in their original state.
Horse stable of the Gruberggut
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Horse stable of the Gruberggut ObjektID
at Lessach 63 KG
: Lessach
Churchyard Upload file Kirchhof ObjektID

KG: Lessach
The cemetery was first mentioned in a document at the beginning of the 17th century. The graves, called Sarchen graves, are uniform and are intended to represent the equality of people in death. The Lessacher Friedhof is registered in the International Cemetery Museum in Vienna.
Catholic parish church hl.  Paul
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Catholic parish church hl. Paul ObjectID

KG: Lessach
The neo-Gothic sacred building with a single nave was built from 1909 to 1910, incorporating the main walls of the previous building from 1763. In the course of a restoration, the facades with the red corner blocks and window frames were restored in 1986 and a baroque sundial was uncovered on the southern nave wall.
Gambsgut farm Upload file Farm Complex Gambsgut ObjectID
Zoitzach 12
KG: Zoitzach
The mighty group courtyard on the eastern mountainside essentially dates from the 17th century. It consists of the two-storey brick house, two old and one new farm buildings, a granary, the former blacksmith's shop, a well and the chapel.
Farm (facility), former Karnergut
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Farm (facility), former Karnergut ObjectID
Zoitzach 41 KG
: Zoitzach
A group farm in Lungau with a house, a large stable, a sheepfold and a bricked-in grain box. The two-storey house is largely from the 16th century. In 1983 the farm association was placed under monument protection.
Karner Chapel
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Object ID:  23983

KG: Zoitzach
The Karnerkapelle is a square path chapel with a curved shingle roof from the beginning of the 19th century. The three oil paintings (Coronation of the Virgin, St. Peter and Paul, St. Jacob and Leonhard) are labeled Andrä Moser 1874.
Thurnschall ruins
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Thurnschall ruins ObjectID

since 2019

KG: Zoitzach
Ruins of a castle from the 13th century; Walls up to 8 m high and more than 3 m thick have been preserved.


The source for the selection of the objects are the monuments lists of the respective federal state published annually by the BDA. The table contains the following information:

Photo: Photograph of the monument. Click the photo generates an enlarged view. Next to it are one or two symbols:
More pictures available The symbol means that more photos of the property are available. They are displayed by clicking the symbol.
Upload your own photo By clicking the symbol, further photos of the object can be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons media archive .
Monument: Name of the monument. The designation is given as it is used by the Federal Monuments Office (BDA) . The internal object identification number (ObjectID) is also given.
Location: The address is given. In the case of free-standing objects without an address ( e.g. shrines ), an address is usually given that is close to the object. By calling up the link Location , the location of the monument is displayed in various map projects. The cadastral community (KG) is indicated below this.
Description: Brief information about the monument.

The table is sorted alphabetically according to the location of the monument. The sorting criterion is the cadastral municipality and within this the address.

By clicking on "Map with all coordinates" (top right in the article) the location of all monuments in the selected map object is displayed.

Abbreviations of the BDA : BR… construction law , EZ… deposit number, GB… land register , GstNr. … Property number, KG… cadastral community, 0G … property number address

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