List of names of ethnic groups

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This is a list of ethnic group self-designations .

There are names listed by groups of people who are characterized by a ethnological context, d. H. that are characterized by a special origin, culture or language. Like all social titles, names or designations, these are subject to change or development. Titles ( autonyms ) that were formerly created out of ethnic self-confidence and meant to be honorable can be devalued in other contexts. On the other hand, in the course of time groups have taken on foreign names originally meant negatively ( ethnophaulisms ) as their own name.

The use of an external or self-designation for a foreign group initially says nothing about their evaluation. This depends on the circumstances.

The self-designation German has established itself as a foreign designation in a comparatively small part of the world ( Dutch Duitsers , Tysker (skand), Italian tedeschi ). More widespread foreign names use a certain historical tribal name pars pro toto: “ Germanic ” (e.g. in the Anglo-Saxon area), “ Alemannic ” (in parts of Western Europe or Asia) “ Saxony ” (in parts of Scandinavia). In the Slavic area, the originally derogatory term " Nemzi " (the speechless) established itself in variants . All these foreign names are currently used neutrally. Instead, specific ethnophaulisms have developed in many cases.

In many cases, self-names and external names correspond to one another (Italiani - Italian), so that they are not included in this list.

  • Adivasi , ( first resident, native ), indigenous people of India
  • Anangu , Aboriginal groups in Australia
  • Ashkenazim , Western and Eastern Jews with a common religious tradition and culture
  • Boricua , Puerto Rican
  • Chicano , Mexicans living in the United States, and their descendants
  • Desi , South Asians
  • First Nations , Premières nations , ( First Nations ), indigenous peoples of Canada (since 1982)
  • Gorans , southern Islamic Slavs
  • Hellenes , Greeks, in different epochs
  • Inuit , indigenous peoples in central and northeastern Arctic Canada
  • Irættæ , Ossetians
  • Kanak , indigenous people in New Caledonia, no original own name, for today's immigrants from there to France self-designation
  • Khoikhoi ( true people ), Khoisan who live as hunters and gatherers, external names: San ( foreigners ), Bushmen , Hottentots , ( stutterers [?] )
  • Kiwi , New Zealander (after the kiwi ), originally a foreign name, but now also an own name
  • Magyars , Hungary
  • Pinoy
  • Québécois ( Quebecer ), depending on your point of view all or only francophone residents of Quebec
  • Resandefolket , migrating historical population group in Scandinavia
  • Romaioi , Greeks in late antiquity
  • Runakuna , ( people ), Quechua
  • Sami people in the north of Fennoscandinavia
  • Slavs ( people of the word ), peoples who speak a Slavic language (East Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe)
  • Unangax̂, ( coastal people ) Aleutians

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