Lodge (accommodation)

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Example of a lodge in Namibia
Botlierskop Game Lodge in South Africa (2015)
Cuyabeno River Lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve , Ecuador (2019)

A lodge , often also a safari lodge , was originally used in southern and eastern Africa , but now also in South America , North America , India or Australia to describe tourist accommodation in wilderness regions ; mostly in large nature reserves . Lodges are therefore facilities for nature and ecotourism . Due to their remote location, lodges can sometimes only be reached by plane or boat.

In other parts of the world and historically, however, the term lodge is equated with simple shelters , for example on trekking tours .

South Africa and Namibia

In South Africa , the terms Game Lodge , Nature Lodge and Wilderness Lodge are protected terms that only approved accommodation companies are entitled to. This is monitored by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa . Lodge accommodations have to meet numerous requirements.

In Namibia Lodges are also a Lodge or Tented Lodge protected (tented lodge) terms of the hotel industry . They are subject to approval by the Namibia Tourism Board . One of the largest lodge operators in Namibia is the Gondwana Collection Namibia .

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