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Lotten von Kræmer, mid-19th century
Lotten von Kræmer, 1908
Lotten von Kræmer's grave in Uppsala

Lotten (Charlotte Louise) von Kræmer (born August 6, 1828 in Stockholm ; † December 23, 1912 there ) was a Swedish baroness, writer, poet, philanthropist and suffragette . She was the founder of the literary society Samfundet De Nio and, together with Martina Bergman-Österberg, the largest donor of the state association for women's suffrage ( Landsföreningen för kvinnans politiska rösträtt ).


Lotten von Kræmer was the daughter of the governor of Uppsala County , Baron Robert Fredrik von Kræmer and Maria Charlotte (Lotten) Söderberg, and the sister of the author, scientist and politician Robert von Kræmer. She grew up in the governor's residence at Uppsala Castle and received private tuition from professors at Uppsala University .

She was a well known member of the cultural and intellectual social life of Uppsala. Writers like Geijer and Atterbom were well acquainted with their parents, and Fredrika Bremer was a friend of their mother. Kræmer herself proved her talent in many artistic fields such as at literary evenings, at dance balls and as an actress in amateur theater, where she played the role of Jane Eyre , for which she received lessons from Elise Hwasser . In the summer of 1847 she and her family visited Germany, Austria and Italy. However, from 1847 onwards, due to a scarlet fever disease, her hearing deteriorated until she eventually became completely deaf. This practically completely excluded her from social life, which hit her hard. In 1855 she got engaged to the student Sten Johan Stenberg, who soon broke the engagement - not only because of her progressive deafness, but also because he could not accept her radical ideas and literary ambitions.

Her father died in 1880, leaving her with a large fortune, which she managed responsibly. She moved to Stockholm, where she led an increasingly spartan life over the years. She used a large part of her fortune to finance various welfare and reform movements.


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