Louis Armand I. de Bourbon, prince de Conti

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Louis Armand I, prince de Conti

Louis Armand I. de Bourbon, prince de Conti (born April 4, 1661 in Paris , † November 9, 1685 in Fontainebleau ) was a French nobleman and from 1666 Prince of Conti .


Louis Armand I. de Bourbon was born to Armand de Bourbons and his wife Anna Maria Martinozzi . In 1680 he married Marie Anne de Bourbon , called Mademoiselle de Blois , a legitimate daughter of Louis XIV. And Louise de La Vallière . It was the first connection between a prince of blood and a “bastard” of the king.

He fought meritoriously in Flanders in 1683 in the king's war against Holland, then on the Austrian side in the victory against the Turks at Gran . Because of his criticism of the king and his relationship with the Marquise de Montespan in letters to his brother, he was banned from the court for a short time.

After a dissolute life, he died childless of smallpox. His brother François Louis de Bourbon followed him as Prince of Conti .

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