Lucius Cornelius Merula (Consul 87 BC)

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Lucius Cornelius Merula († 87 BC ) was a politician in the late Roman Republic and 87 BC. Chr. Suffect consul .

According to the then applicable legal regulations, it must be no later than 90 BC. Chr. Praetor have been because he 87 v. Was elected by the consul Gnaeus Octavius in place of the expelled from Rome Lucius Cornelius Cinna (who belonged to another branch of the Cornelii family) as a colleague in the consulate. The popular politics representative Cinna returned to Rome with the support of Gaius Marius , whereupon Merula resigned from his office. Nevertheless, he was chosen as one of the first victims of the persecution by Marius and Cinna. As a result, he committed suicide by cutting his veins in the Capitoline Temple when he was about to be charged. Before his death he also laid down the priesthood of Flamen Dialis , which he had held since an unknown date. The office remained vacant until the time of Augustus , since the young Gaius Iulius Caesar , whom Marius had appointed as Merula's successor, apparently never formally took over the priesthood.



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