Luise of Brandenburg

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Luise Dorothea Sophie von Brandenburg (born September 29, 1680 in Berlin , † December 23, 1705 in Kassel ) was a princess and margravine of Brandenburg and, by marriage, Hereditary Princess of Hesse-Kassel .


Luise was the only daughter of the future Prussian King Friedrich I (1657–1713) from his first marriage to Elisabeth Henriette (1661–1683), daughter of Landgrave Wilhelm VI. from Hessen-Kassel .

On May 31, 1700, she married her cousin, Hereditary Prince Friedrich von Hessen-Kassel (1676–1751) in Berlin . The wedding was celebrated with great effort over several weeks in Berlin, Oranienburg , Potsdam and Kassel. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz , who was in Berlin at the time of the wedding, reported: “The planned foundation of the academy attracts me more to this place than the festive wedding pomp, which is now being prepared because the groom was here yesterday with a large and shiny retinue of wagons and horses and people made its entry and found a reception in which nothing was missing from a royal splendor ”. On the occasion of the wedding, the theologian Conrad Mel wrote the congratulatory text Legatio orientalis .

During the five years of their marriage, Luise was constantly seriously ill and died at the age of 25 without having given birth to children. The early death of his wife made it possible for Friedrich to remarry to Ulrike Eleonore and he became King of Sweden in 1720.


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