Elisabeth Henriette of Hessen-Kassel

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Elisabeth Henriette of Hessen-Kassel as the Electoral Princess of Brandenburg

Elisabeth Henriette von Hessen-Kassel (born November 18, 1661 in Kassel , † July 7, 1683 in Cölln ) was electoral princess of Brandenburg by marriage .


Childhood and youth

Elisabeth Henriette was a daughter of Landgrave Wilhelm VI. von Hessen-Kassel and his wife Hedwig Sophie von Brandenburg . After the early death of her father, her mother, a sister of the Great Elector , took care of the princess's upbringing, which was shaped by the Reformed faith.

Landgravine Hedwig Sophie promoted the daughter's marriage to her nephew Friedrich , the Brandenburg electoral prince, for whom a sister of Emperor Leopold I was also being discussed as a bride . Elisabeth Henriette and Friedrich had known each other since childhood and were genuinely inclined to each other. In 1676 they officially became engaged after they had been secretly engaged three years earlier.

Elector Princess of Brandenburg

In April 1678 Hedwig Sophie traveled to Berlin with her daughter . The wedding did not take place until a year later because they wanted to wait for the peace agreement in Nijmegen and suffered from a lack of money. On August 13, 1679, Elisabeth Henriette and Friedrich married in the Berlin Palace. Dietrich Sigismund von Buch notes in his diary:

“SKD was still in bed with the Electress, when he told her that he was now quite determined to host the Crown Prince's wedding today, which the Electress immediately reported to the Landgravine with a small note, who was extremely pleased; Towards noon the whole court was informed. In the evening the SKD appeared with all the other high-ranking persons (...), took the Princess of Hesse on her right, the Crown Prince on her left, and led both of them into the small hall where people usually dine; there they had placed a small table draped with a carpet, and in front of it a bench in which to kneel. "

The couple resided in Köpenick Castle , which was rebuilt for Friedrich from 1677 to 1681. On September 29, 1680 the only child of the marriage was born: Luise Dorothea Sophie , who received the names of three grandmothers and in 1700 became the wife of Frederick of Hesse , who would later become King of Sweden.

Three years after the birth of her daughter, Elisabeth Henriette died of smallpox at the age of 21 after four years of happy marriage, deeply mourned by her husband . Elisabeth Henriette was buried in the crypt of the Berlin Cathedral .


Pedigree of Elisabeth Henriette of Hessen-Kassel

Wilhelm IV (Hessen-Kassel) (1532–1592)
⚭ 1566
Sabine von Württemberg (1549–1581)

Johann Georg von Solms-Laubach (1546–1600)
⚭ 1572
Margarethe von Schönburg- Glauchau (1554–1606)

Philipp Ludwig I (Hanau-Münzenberg) (1553–1580)
⚭ 1576
Magdalene von Waldeck (1558–1599)

William I (Orange) (1533–1584)
⚭ 1575
Charlotte von Bourbon-Montpensier (1546–1582)

Ludwig VI. (Palatinate) (1539–1583)
⚭ 1560
Elisabeth of Hessen-Kassel (1539–1582)

Joachim Friedrich (Brandenburg) (1546–1608)
⚭ 1570
Katharina von Brandenburg- Küstrin (1549–1602)

Albrecht Friedrich (Prussia) (1553–1618)
⚭ 1573
Marie Eleonore von Jülich-Kleve-Berg (1550–1608)

Great grandparents

Landgrave Moritz (Hessen-Kassel) (1572–1632)
⚭ 1593
Agnes zu Solms-Laubach (1578–1602)

Count Philipp Ludwig II (Hanau-Münzenberg) (1576–1612)
⚭ 1596
Katharina Belgica of Orange-Nassau (1578–1648)

Elector Friedrich IV. (Palatinate) (1574–1610)
⚭ 1593
Luise Juliane of Oranien (1576–1644)

Elector Johann Sigismund (Brandenburg) (1572–1619)
⚭ 1594
Anna of Prussia (1576–1625)


Landgrave Wilhelm V (Hessen-Kassel) (1602–1637)
⚭ 1619
Amalie Elisabeth von Hanau-Münzenberg (1602–1651)

Elector Georg Wilhelm (Brandenburg) (1595–1640)
⚭ 1616
Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate (1597–1660)


Landgrave Wilhelm VI. (Hessen-Kassel) (1629–1663)
⚭ 1649
Hedwig Sophie of Brandenburg (1623–1683)

Elisabeth Henriette of Hessen-Kassel (1661–1683)


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