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Portraits and coats of arms of Lukas Fugger and his two wives by Jörg Breu the Elder. J. (around 1545)
The coat of arms (Fugger vom Reh) was given to Luke I by Emperor Friedrich III in 1462. awarded.

Lukas I. Fugger vom Reh (born 1439 ; died 1512 or earlier) was an important Augsburg merchant and representative of the weavers' guild in the Augsburg council .


Lukas was born as the second son of Andreas Fugger the Rich (1406-1457) and Barbara Stammler vom Ast (1415/20-1476) in 1439. He married Anna Dauninger before 1466 and had sons Lukas, Matheus, Marcus and Hans with her and the daughters Apollonia, Barbara, Magdalena, Felicitas and Anna. After the death of his first wife, Lukas married Clara Konzelmann in 1488 and thus became a member of the Augsburger Herrenstube . The sons Stephan, Aegid and Andreas as well as the daughter Margarete come from this second marriage.


After the death of Andreas Fugger in 1457, the sons and grande nephews took over the business for a while. Two years later, Lukas took over the helm of the company and steadily expanded its reputation and wealth. The trade relations and financial affairs even reached as far as Rome and London. Even Maximilian I indebted to Lukas with a sum of more than 10,000 florins . For this high amount (almost all of Lukas' business capital) he received the Belgian city of Leuven as a guarantee .

However, the guarantee turned out to be worthless because the city or its citizens refused to pay the amount owed. At the urging of Luke, Philip I of Habsburg , Maximilian's son , finally asked the city of Leuven to settle the debt. After the city had further been unimpressed, imposed Maximilian in 1499 even the imperial ban . However, this also had no effect. Maximilian did not take any further steps to settle the debt. Rather, he left Luke to his fate.

Due to the lack of repayment, Lukas ran into great financial difficulties. However, the situation only became dramatic when shortly afterwards all of the creditors asked for the money they had invested in Lukas' company back. Some members of the family in particular demanded that the borrowed money be repaid quickly and in full. His own son Lukas even threatened his once highly respected father with a knife. Due to the dire financial situation, the family lost their ability to live in Augsburg and Lukas then moved to Graben , his home south of Augsburg. Jakob Fugger finally bought his last remaining lands there and at least helped him to get some money. Shortly before his death, the almost penniless Lukas returned to Augsburg and stayed with his son-in-law Hanns Raiser.


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  1. Year of death not documented, but the source gives the year 1512