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Lutz Köpke (born November 22, 1954 in Koblenz ) is a German physicist .


After graduating from high school, Köpke studied physics at the University of Bonn from 1973 to 1979 . He graduated with distinction in 1979. The title of the work is: Construction of a multi-wire proportional chamber . In 1983 he received his doctorate, also at the University of Bonn, the title of the dissertation : Generation of kaon and proton-antiproton pairs in 2-photon reactions .

Since 1994 he has been working as a professor at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz , concentrating on detector development, data acquisition systems and networked computer systems, as well as taking care of physical analyzes for direct CP violation and rare kaon decays . From 1999 he took part in the AMANDA experiment and from 2004 in the IceCube experiment in the deep ice at the South Pole .

In the course of his career he worked on numerous scientific projects, which were connected with several stays abroad:

  • 1980–1983 TASSO experiment (DESY-Hamburg) ; Construction of a lead-glass luminosity detector, analysis of 2-photon events.
  • 1983-1986 MARK II experiment (SLAC-Stanford) ; Analysis of hadronic J / psi decays, participation in the MARK-II drift chamber, (University of California, Santa Cruz (USA)) .
  • 1987-1992 OPAL experiment (CERN-Geneva) ; Construction of a presampler detector and physical analysis (physics coordinator of the experiment), (CERN, Geneva (Switzerland)) .
  • 1992–1994 ZEUS experiment (DESY-Hamburg) ; Analysis of the production of heavy quarks in deep inelastic scattering, person responsible for safety of the experiment.
  •  2000 research stay at Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica    
  •  2002 member of the Atlas Publication Committee
  •  2004–2007 AMANDA physics coordinator, chairman of the IceCube Publications Committee
  •  2006–2011 member of the IceCube Executive Committee, Chairman of the IceCube Supernova working group
  •  2008–2009 Dean of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science


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