Lycurgus (Arcadia)

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Lycurgus or Lycurgus ( Greek  Λυκοῦργος ) is in Greek mythology, one of Tegea originating Arcadians, son of Aleos and his niece Neaira , brother of the eye , of Cepheus and Ephidamas and King of Nemea in Arcadia . He himself is the father of Iasus and thus the grandfather of Atalante .

When the seven land on Thebes to supply their troops with water, the king's maid, Hypsipyle , leads them to the next spring, but in the process lays Opheltes , the little son of Lycurgus and Eurydice , on the ground, who is then taken by one Snake is bitten. The snake is killed, the boy is buried. But since this is interpreted as a bad omen, the seven heroes introduce the Nemean games in honor of the child . Another son is Ankaios , who falls victim to the Calydonian boar . That is why Echemus , the son of Cepheus and thus nephew of Lycurgus, later took control of Arcadia.

According to another story, Lykurgos kills Areithoos Korynetes , a "club-wielding" warrior from Arcadia.


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