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Heracles and Eye, Phiale from the silver treasure of Rogozen

Eye ( Greek Αύγη or ancient Greek Αὔγη Aúge ) is the daughter of King Aleos and his niece Neaira in Greek mythology . It was thus the sister of Cepheus , Lycurgus and Apidamas . Through Heracles she is the mother of Telephos .


Aleos had chosen his daughter Eye to be the priestess of Athena in Tegea , which committed her to virginity , because Aleos had been foretold by the oracle of Delphi that his two sons would perish by his daughter's son.

Aleos believed that his daughter was well looked after in the Temple of Athena. He threatened to kill her if she violated her vow of chastity . But when Heracles, who was traveling through, was hospitably entertained by Aleos in the temple of Athena, this eye, who was washing her clothes at the source of the temple, was a surprise. From wine intoxicated raped he.

Eye became pregnant and gave birth in secret and hid it in the temple precinct, which Athena displeased: plague and famine came over the city. Aleos discovered the evil deed and dragged his daughter to the town square . Eye protested her innocence, the father did not believe her. However, he hesitated to kill her, but handed her over to King Nauplios , who was supposed to drown her. He told them to climb into a chest that was left out at sea. However, this chest was washed ashore in Mysia , where King Teuthra's eye took in and married.

According to a different story, eye was adopted by Teuthras. In this version of the tale, she almost became the wife of her own son, Telephos. This was released on Mount Parthenos (or was born there by the eye), suckled by a doe and raised by shepherds. When he asked the oracle in Delphi who his parents were, he was sent to Mysia. There he and his loyal companion Parthenopaios killed the Argonaut Idas , the enemy of Teuthras, and was awarded an eye for this as a wife. However, Auge took a sword into the marriage bed to kill Telephos with. To prevent this from happening, the gods sent a large snake . This lay between the two, so that eye with shock dropped the sword and confessed her intention. Telephos now wanted to kill her himself, but Eye called to Heracles, by which Telephos recognized her as his mother. They fell into each other's arms and returned to their homeland with the blessing of Teuthras .

Eye's grave is said to be in Pergamon on the banks of the Kaiko .


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