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Konrad Wernicke

Konrad Wernicke (born April 17, 1862 in Berlin ; † August 21, 1900 there ) was a German classical archaeologist and philologist .

Wernicke passed his Abitur in 1879 at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium in Berlin. He then studied history, German and classical philology, archeology and archeology at the Berlin University , where he received his doctorate in 1884 with the dissertation De Pausaniae periegetae studiis Herodoteis ("About Pausanias ' Research on Herodotus "). He then worked as an unskilled worker at the Royal Museums in Berlin and as editor of the Archäologische Zeitung . On a study trip that took him to Paris, London, Munich and Italy, he collected material for his archaeological habilitation thesis, in which he dealt with Greek vase painting . His habilitation took place in 1889 at the University of Halle for the subjects of archeology and mythology. In the following years he held lectures there as a private lecturer. From 1896 he worked at the Imperial German Archaeological Institute in Berlin. He died there in 1900.

Wernicke specialized in Greek vase painting and ancient mythology and, in addition to various program publications and essays, wrote numerous articles for the revision of Paulys Realencyclopadie der classical antiquity (1893–1980), including very extensive ones on Apollon and Artemis . His best-known work was the revision (3rd edition) of the collection of ancient monuments on the Greek doctrine of gods by Karl Otfried Müller and Friedrich Wieseler , which appeared in 1899. After his death, Botho Graef continued the work .

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