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Heracles at the court of Aleos, Telephos frieze

Aleos ( Greek  Ἀλεός ) is a figure in Greek mythology . The founding of Tegea is ascribed to him, he is the eponymous oikist of Alea and founder of the Tegean sanctuary of Athena Alea. Sometimes he is depicted as the king of all of Arcadia .

In general, Aleos is considered the son of Apheidas and grandson of Arkas . His wife was Neaira , the daughter of Pereus (according to another version of the legend, Cleobule ). With her he had the children Lykurgus , Cepheus , Amphidamas (one of the Argonauts ) and Auge . According to another tradition is Alkidike , Mother of Tyro , his daughter. Aleus made his daughter the Athena priestess in order to avert an oracle that said that a son of the eye would kill him. When Heracles was a guest at Aleus's court, he raped the virgin priestess. Eye tries to hide the resulting pregnancy, but this displeases her goddess. It covers the territory of Aleos with a plague. In the search for the causes, eye pregnancy is discovered. In order to end the epidemic, King Aleos gives his daughter to the neighboring king Nauplios . Eye gives birth to Telephos on the way .



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