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Tegea municipality
Δημοτική Ενότητα Τεγέας
Tegea (Greece)
Basic data
State : GreeceGreece Greece
Region : Peloponnese


Regional District : Arcadia
Municipality : Tripoli
Geographic coordinates : 37 ° 27 '  N , 22 ° 25'  E Coordinates: 37 ° 27 '  N , 22 ° 25'  E
Height above d. M .: 684 m
Area : 118.350 km²
Residents : 3,544 (2011)
Population density : 29.9 inhabitants / km²
Code No .: 400107
Structure: f12f1216 local communities
Located in the municipality of Tripoli and in the Arcadia regional unit
File: DE Tegeas.svg

Tegea ( Greek Τεγέα ( f. Sg. ), In the Middle Ages Nikli ) was one of the oldest and most powerful cities in Arcadia of ancient Greece and is now a district of the municipality of Tripoli with around 3500 inhabitants. Until 2010 Tegea was an independent municipality with the main town Stadio (540 Ew.).


Map of the Peloponnese in classical times with Tegea

Tegea was created in the archaic epoch through the amalgamation ( Synoikismos ) of several villages. Mythical founder Tegeas was king Aleos , father of the eye .

Due to its location, the city was able to gain control of the fertile Arcadian plateau, since the 6th century BC. This position of power was endangered by Mantineia . The resulting rivalry determined until the 3rd century BC. The history of both cities. After prolonged fighting, Tegea came to power around 560 BC Under the hegemony of Sparta and was an important member of the Peloponnesian League . Around 470 BC In the battles of Tegea and Dipaia, the attempt to shake off the dependence on Sparta in alliance with other Arcadians and Argos failed . Tegea remained in its alliance system until the fall of the Spartan hegemony. From the late 2nd century BC It lost its political importance, but was still an economic, religious and cultural center.

In 395 AD it was destroyed by the Goths under Alaric I and rebuilt with the Byzantine name Nikli to become one of the most important bases of the Byzantine Empire in the Peloponnese . It existed until the 13th century.

Temple of Athena Alea

The temple of Athena Alea in Tegea was one of the most important religious places in Greece since the archaic epoch . The original archaic building from the 7th century BC BC burned 394 BC BC. He was around 370-350 BC. Renewed by the sculptor and architect Skopas . In the 6th century AD, the temple was destroyed by an earthquake. Its ruin is outside the ancient city of Tegea in the middle of the modern village of Alea .

The temple was an important place of asylum ; among others, the Spartan kings Leotychidas II and Pausanias sought refuge here after their expulsion.

Daughters and sons of Tegea

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