Tripoli (Greece)

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Tripoli municipality
Δήμος Τρίπολης
Tripoli (Greece) (Greece)
Basic data
State : GreeceGreece Greece
Region : Peloponnese
Regional District : Arcadia
Geographic coordinates : 37 ° 30 '  N , 22 ° 23'  E Coordinates: 37 ° 30 '  N , 22 ° 23'  E
Area : 1,481 km²
Residents : 47,254 (2011)
Population density : 31.9 inhabitants / km²
Community logo:
Community logo of the municipality of Tripoli
Seat: Tripoli
LAU-1 code no .: 4001
Districts : 8 municipal districts
Local self-government : f121 city district
78 local communities
Location in the Peloponnese region
File: 2011 Dimos Tripolis.png
f9 f8
The Tripoli courthouse designed by Ernst Ziller

Tripoli ( Greek Τρίπολη ( f. Sg. ), Outdated Tripoli , rarely also Tripolitsa , Tripoliza or Tripolizza , in the Middle Ages Drobolitza ) is the capital of the Peloponnese region in Greece and the metropolis of Arcadia . The community is home to around 47,000 inhabitants, and around 31,000 people live in the core city of Tripoli itself. Tripoli was last significantly enlarged in 2011 by incorporations and includes the area of ​​the former province of Mandinia, which existed until 1997.

The largest training units of both the Greek Army and the Air Force are stationed in Tripoli. Furthermore, the city has been the seat of the University of the Peloponnese since 2002 .


Tripoli is a medieval foundation. The first settlement was established between the 8th and 10th centuries by Slavic settlers. The first name of the place Droboliza is derived from dabr , Old Slavic for oak . During the Venetian rule (1685-1715) Tripoli was an important economic and political center with around 10,000 inhabitants. Even during the Ottoman rule, the city was the administrative center of the Peloponnese.

Tripoli was the first large city to be conquered by the insurgents against the Ottoman Empire during the Greek Revolution . It fell into the hands of Theodoros Kolokotronis' units on October 5, 1821 . They committed a massacre of the 8,000-strong fortress garrison. Ibrahim Pascha recaptured the place on June 22, 1825; before giving up the city in 1828, he had it burned down.



The football club Asteras Tripolis has been playing in the Super League , the top Greek league , since 2007 . In the 2014/15 season, the club qualified for the UEFA Europa League . Panarkadikos FC , founded in 1927, made it into the Football League 2 in 2013 .

The basketball club Arkadikos BC rose to the A1 Ethniki in 2015 . Its venue is the smallest in the professional league with a capacity of 1,000 spectators.

Town twinning

GermanyGermany Coat of arms of Peine Peine in Lower Saxony , since 2000.

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Individual evidence

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