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Maciej Popko (born December 3, 1936 in Częstochowa , † November 22, 2014 in Warsaw ) was a Polish Hittite scientist and a leading Polish mountaineer in the 1960s and 1970s. He was a professor at the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw , specializing in the Hittite religion and language .

He originally studied at the Technical University of Łódź , took an interest in the humanities due to the contacts he had as a mountaineer and moved to the University of Warsaw in 1958. He graduated in 1963 and has worked at Warsaw University since then. In 1968 he received his doctorate with a grammar in the Hittite language. In 1978 he completed his habilitation with a thesis on Hittite religion. In 1987 he became a professor at the Oriental Faculty of the University of Warsaw.

Maciej Popko mainly climbed mountains in Asia Minor as well as in the Pamir and Hindu Kush. He is the editor of one of the most famous Polish climbing books entitled "Alpinizm" (1971 and 1974).


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