Magenta (color)

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Color of fuchsin
color code: # ca1f7b
Four-color printing process color magenta
color code: # ff0090
Maximum intensities for red and blue
color code: # FF00FF

Magenta is a mixed color of red and blue, also known as light purple .

The name was first used as a synonym for the aniline dye fuchsine , which was the second such substance to be produced for the first time in 1858 . It is also called fuchsia , especially in its glowing, radiant variant . The name is said to come from the Italian town of Magenta near Milan, when so much blood was shed in a battle in the Sardinian War that the soil took on this color.

Color theory

The color magenta is not a spectral color , but lies on the purple line , so it is only created by additive mixing of the colors red and blue . In the Helmholtz model , it is the complementary color to green . Magenta is one of the basic colors of the CMY color space , which forms the basis for four-color printing . It is realized by a colored lacquer. In the RGB color space, on the other hand, the additive mixture of the maximum intensities for red and blue is called magenta; in 8-bit mode this corresponds to the value RGB = (255, 0, 255) decimal or FF00FF hexadecimal . The magenta defined in the RGB and CMY color spaces deviate visibly from each other and from the ideal magenta on the purple line.

Trademark usage

color code: # E20074

The telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG has registered the color magenta ( RAL -4010) as a color mark for goods and services in the telecommunications sector under the registration number 39552630.2. Competing companies can therefore be warned if this color is used in advertising . The corporate design has been based entirely on this color since privatization in 1995, and the phones at telephone booths are also magenta. The company has been trying for years to have the color protected in court and has even achieved success before the Federal Court of Justice .

Individual evidence

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