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Maja Wolny (* 1976 in Kielce ) is a Polish writer, novelist, playwright, curator of international exhibitions, doctor of humanistic sciences, Polish language philologist. Scholarship holder of the Scientific Society Collegium Invisibile .


From 1998 to 2002 she was a journalist for the Polish weekly " Polityka ". For many years she lived in Belgium , where she ran the Eastern European cultural center Post Viadrina. From 2010 to 2015 she was director of the Belgian museum Navigo, where she realized numerous exhibitions on the subjects of culture, literature and the sea. She became famous as a curator, especially with the controversial “Zeerotica” from 2011. This event caught the attention of the cult British director Peter Greenaway , who in 2013 realized the exhibition “Sex & The Sea” based on Maja Wolny's ideas together with his wife Saskia Boddeke .

In 2016 Maja Wolny's novel “Schwarze Blätter” was published, about the life of the Polish-Jewish photographer Julia Pirotte and the pogrom in Kielce . The Belgian “De Standaard” named “Black Pages” one of the best novels of 2017.

That year Maja Wolny moved back to Poland, to Kazimierz Dolny , where she is involved in the cultural and social field. Remembering the city's Jewish history is also extremely important to her.

In 2016 and 2017 she went on lonely trips to Siberia , where she collected material for her latest novel, “The Return from the North”.

In 2018 she received the Belgian literary prize “ Hercule Poirot Prijs ” in the first novel category for her book “The Book Murderer”.

She is married and has two kids.


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