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Madagascar , Comoros , Reunion
speaker approx. 19,000,000
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Official language in MadagascarMadagascar Madagascar
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ISO 639 -1


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Malagasy , German also Malagassi or the Malagasy language ( French Malgache ), is the language of the Malagasy Foko , the indigenous ethnic groups.

It is the westernmost language of the Austronesian language family and, alongside French, one of the official languages of Madagascar . The closest related languages ​​outside of Madagascar are the languages ​​of the Eastern Barito group (including Ma'anyan ) in the Indonesian province of Kalimantan Tengah , in the south of the island of Borneo , which is almost 7000 km from Madagascar. The Malagasy came to Madagascar along with immigrants from Southeast Asia. According to different hypotheses, these migratory movements took place either around 450 AD (Dahl 1951) or in the 7th century AD (Adelaar 1989).

Malagasy as a spoken language (Wikitongues project)


The language has five vowels - phonemes . The stress is on the penultimate syllable, unless the word ends in ka , tra, or na . In this case, it is stressed on the third from last syllable. Elision often occurs with unstressed syllables.

The morphology is exclusively concatenative (“concatenating”), and up to five grammatical categories can be expressed on the verb . Reduplication is a productive mechanism in word formation . In Malagasy there is no gender ; the plural is not coded. There is a definite but not an indefinite article , that is, if there is no article, the noun phrase has an indefinite meaning. Malagasy knows (like many Austronesian languages) an inclusive-exclusive distinction in the personal pronoun for "we": isika (inclusive), izahay (exclusive).

The word order in Malagasy is of the Verb-Object-Subject (VOS) type. The case marking follows (as in German) the accusative scheme.

In the course of its language history, Malagasy has borrowed words from Bantu languages ( e.g. Swahili ), Arabic , English (e.g. book → boky) and French (savon → savony).


The Malagasy alphabet consists of 21 Latin letters: A, B, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, V, Y, Z . Accents (accent grave) can be added to the five vowels ( A, E, I, O, Y ), which indicate accents that deviate from the basic rules.

In the very regular spelling , i is always pronounced like / i / and written as y at the end of the word . y can only appear at the end of a word (exception: proper names) and i only in the middle of the word (exception: the word “i”, article before proper names). o is pronounced like / u /, oa like / o / and j like / ds / (IPA: [dz]). The h is mute. The s is like a German voiceless / s /, the z is a voiced / s / (IPA: [z]). Unstressed vowels, especially at the end, are often left out (elidated), so that olona "Mensch" is pronounced like [uln] and Malagasy sounds like its French transcription Malgache [mal'gaʃ] in some dialects - but in most dialects the word is Pronounced [mala'gas (i)] (or shortened to gasy ['gas (i)]).


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