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Manfred Ströher (born March 25, 1937 in Bad Kreuznach ) is a German basketball sports official.

As a member of the oldest basketball department in Germany at VfL 1848 Bad Kreuznach , only 26-year-old Manfred Ströher was elected to the office of DBB referee in 1963 and thus to the Presidium of the German Basketball Federation. In 1973, after successfully participating in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Ströher resigned as a DBB referee, but was a member of the DBB referee commission until 1980. In 1980 he was re-elected to the DBB Presidium as Vice President. Four years later, Ströher was elected as the successor to Anton Kartak as the 5th DBB President. He held this office until 1994. He also quickly made a name for himself internationally, for example on the Technical Commission of the World Basketball Federation, FIBA , of which Ströher was a member from 1964 to 1980. Furthermore, he has held the office of President of the FIBA ​​Finance Commission since 1980, has been FIBA ​​Treasurer since 1994 and has been a member of the FIBA ​​Central Board (World Executive Board) since 1980. Ströher is a member of the three-person supervisory board of the "International Basketball Foundation" in Mies - Switzerland - which was founded by FIBA ​​for the construction of a 6855 m² administration building.


Manfred Ströher is the holder of the Golden Badge of Honor of the DBB as well as the DBB Ring of Honor and has been appointed DBB Honorary President and DBB Honorary Member. In 1998 he received the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon. In 2001 Ströher was awarded the IOC diploma by the then IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch "for a remarkable contribution to the promotion of the Olympic idea in an honorary capacity". In 2004 he was honored by FIBA ​​with the "FIBA Oscar del Basket". In addition, in 2015 Ströher received the FIBA's highest order of merit, the “FIBA Order of Merit”, together with Borislav Stanković, FIBA General Secretary of many years .

Since 2007, the Manfred Ströher Media Prize , endowed with € 2,500, has been awarded every two years . The aim is to promote excellent journalistic contributions from print media, TV, radio and the new media from Germany and to encourage journalists to practice their profession professionally and responsibly.


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