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Manga Power was the first German-language manga magazine .

First version (1996–1997)

Manga Power was initially published bimonthly from 1996 to 1997 in album format by Ehapa . On 100 pages and at a price of 9.90 DM , the magazine contained chapters of the manga series AD Police , Hellhounds: Panzer Cops and Ranma ½ in a mirrored (ie "western") reading direction, the sixth album also included the German comic book Short story The Warring States . However, this version of Manga Power was discontinued after six issues.

Second version (2002-2004)

Egmont Manga and Anime (EMA) started a new attempt in 2002 and published a completely new version of Manga Power with 480 pages for 5 euros. It was the first German-language manga magazine to appear true to the original in Japanese "phone book format" and contained individual chapters from manga series such as Chobits , Peach Girl , Psychic Academy and Othello , most of which were later published as paperbacks.

Due to the decreasing number of readers, the publisher tried to reorientate the look and content of issue 21 with thinner paper and new series such as Devil Children , but could no longer build on the success of earlier issues. With issue 30, Manga Power was finally discontinued in September 2004.

Another manga magazine from EMA, Manga Twister , appeared from October 2003 to October 2006 and also had to be discontinued due to falling sales.

Published manga

First version

Second version