Loyal to men

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Loyal to men
Flat-leaf man litter (Eryngium planum)

Flat-leaf man litter ( Eryngium planum )

Euasterids II
Order : Umbelliferae (Apiales)
Family : Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)
Subfamily : Saniculoideae
Genre : Loyal to men
Scientific name

Man litter ( Eryngium ), also known as noble thistle , is the most species-rich genus of the umbelliferous plant family (Apiaceae) with around 230 species .

The generic name man litter is said to come from the use of field man litter ( Eryngium campestre ) as an aphrodisiac and love magic root.

Alpine man litter ( Eryngium alpinum )


Overall, these are mostly thistle-like plants with hard, thorny leaves. Although some of these are annual herbaceous plants , some species reach heights of growth of several meters, but most species only 50 to 100 cm.

Some species grow sparsely branched in an overall round shape, detach themselves from the ground as a whole when the fruit ripens and let the wind roll themselves over the ground as steppe runners . The seeds are then widely scattered.

It is a very diverse genus, which is why you can only specify a few general characteristics.

The stalks of the single flowers are quite short, so that the simple umbels are drawn together to form head-shaped or cylindrical inflorescences . These are surrounded at the base by a covering of mostly thorny, hard bracts . In many species these bracts have a bluish tinge. The flowers themselves are usually whitish or bluish. Some species, the flower color of which is brilliant amethyst blue, are cultivated as ornamental plants.


The genus occurs in all temperate and warm areas of the world. The greatest biodiversity is achieved in Mexico , southern Brazil and Argentina .

Long coriander ( Eryngium foetidum )
Sea thistle ( Eryngium maritimum )
Flat-leaf man litter ( Eryngium planum )
Atlas man litter ( Eryngium variifolium )


Here is a selection of the types:



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