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Ministry of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture

Seal of the Ministry of Agriculture

Set up: February 9, 1889
Seat: Jamie L. Whitten Building , Washington, DC
Supervisory authority: Seal of the President of the United States.svg President of the United States
minister Sonny Perdue
Deputy Stephen Censky
Household: $ 19.4 billion (2006)
Employees: 109,832 (2004)
Homepage: usda.gov

The United States Department of Agriculture (amtl. United States Department of Agriculture , abbreviated USDA ) is part of the Federal Government of the United States and is headquartered in Washington, DC (1400 Independence Ave., SW). The main building is on the north side of Independence Avenue and is opposite the South Building, which was built in the 1930s . It is primarily concerned with the issues of agriculture and agriculture .


The US Department of Agriculture Administration Building , the headquarters of the USDA in Washington, DC

The authority was founded in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln after it was originally located as a small office in the patent office and mainly collected and distributed new seeds and plants there. Over time, statistics on crop yields and fertilization methods were added, and since almost every second American was a farmer at the time, the need for a new, separate ministry soon arose.

Lincoln created the Bureau of Agriculture , headed by a commissioner without cabinet status, and called it the People's Department . In 1889 it became what is now the US Department of Agriculture. In 1942, the Department's press department alone had 711 permanent and 20,543 part-time employees, costing US taxpayers $ 11.9 million a year in salaries and printing. It now has around 110,000 employees.


With a budget of 94.6 million dollars ( fiscal year 2006), this ministry represents the concerns of farmers and farmers , is responsible for food security and the regulation of the agricultural market , forest and landscape protection , agricultural science and research and for the economic development of the rural America. It also promotes healthy eating and fights hunger both within the United States and abroad.

The post-September 11, 2001 terrorist threat raised concerns that terrorists might attack the food chain, and a report published in July 2005 once again demonstrated the vulnerability of the system. As a result of this fact, the Ministry of Agriculture has moved into the center of the prevention of terrorism and several programs have been started to raise awareness among employees, manufacturers and food processors, and to intensify cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Security .

In 2006, the department hit the headlines for removing the term hunger in its latest annual report on food supplies to the US population and replacing it with the euphemistic term " very low food security" . According to the report, 12% of Americans, over 35 million people, belong to the group at risk from very low food security.

The US Department of Agriculture reported monthly on the needy US citizens who took advantage of the state food program SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Approximately 43 million US citizens received the modern version of the Food Stamps in October 2010 , groceries by credit card for an average of $ 133.76 per person per month, based on the state's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) . As of January 2006, the increase was about 16 million.

Subordinate authorities

List of Agriculture Ministers

No. image Surname State Term
of office from
Term of office
in the President's Cabinet
01 NJColman.jpg Norman Jay Colman Missouri February 15, 1889 March 6, 1889 Grover Cleveland
02 Jeremiah McLain Rusk - Brady-Handy.jpg Jeremiah McLain Rusk Wisconsin March 6, 1889 March 6, 1893 Benjamin Harrison
03 JSMorton.jpg Julius Sterling Morton Nebraska March 7, 1893 March 5, 1897 Grover Cleveland
04th James Wilson, congressman from Iowa and Secretary of Agriculture.jpg James Wilson Iowa March 6, 1897 March 5, 1913 William McKinley ,
Theodore Roosevelt ,
William Howard Taft
05 DFHouston.jpg David Franklin Houston Missouri March 6, 1913 February 2, 1920 Woodrow Wilson
06th ET Meredith, ggbain.29455u.jpg Edwin Thomas Meredith Iowa February 2, 1920 March 4, 1921
07th Henry Cantwell Wallace.jpg Henry Cantwell Wallace Iowa March 5, 1921 October 25, 1924 Warren G. Harding ,
Calvin Coolidge
08th Howard Mason Gore.jpg Howard Mason Gore West Virginia November 22, 1924 March 4, 1925 Calvin Coolidge
09 William Marion Jardine.jpg William Marion Jardine Kansas March 5, 1925 March 4, 1929
10 Arthur M. Hyde.jpg Arthur Mastick Hyde Missouri March 6, 1929 March 4, 1933 Herbert Hoover
11 Henry A. Wallace.jpg Henry Agard Wallace Iowa March 4, 1933 4th September 1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt
12 Claude R. Wickard 2.jpg Claude Raymond Wickard Indiana September 5, 1940 June 29, 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Harry S. Truman
13 Clinton Presba Anderson.jpg Clinton Presba Anderson New Mexico June 30, 1945 May 10, 1948 Harry S. Truman
14th Charles F. Brannan.jpg Charles Franklin Brannan Colorado June 2, 1948 January 20, 1953
15th Ezra Taft Benson - USDA portrait.gif Ezra Taft Benson Idaho January 21, 1953 January 20, 1961 Dwight D. Eisenhower
16 Orville L. Freeman, Secretary of Agriculture (1961-1969) .jpg Orville Lothrop Freeman Minnesota January 21, 1961 20th January 1969 John F. Kennedy ,
Lyndon B. Johnson
17th Clifford Morris Hardin - USDA portrait.png Clifford Morris Hardin Nebraska January 21, 1969 17th November 1971 Richard Nixon
18th Earl L. Butz.jpg Earl Lauer Butz Indiana 2nd December 1971 4th October 1976 Richard Nixon,
Gerald Ford
19th John Albert Knebel - USDA portrait.png John Albert Knebel Oklahoma 4th November 1976 20th January 1977 Gerald Ford
20th Robert Bergland - USDA portrait.jpg Robert Selmer Bergland Minnesota January 23, 1977 January 20, 1981 Jimmy Carter
21st John Block.jpg John Rusling Block Illinois January 23, 1981 February 14, 1986 Ronald Reagan
22nd Richard E. Lyng, 22nd Secretary of Agriculture, March 1986 - January 1989. - Flickr - USDAgov.jpg Richard Edmund Lyng California March 7, 1986 January 21, 1989
23 Clayton Keith Yeutter.jpg Clayton Keith Yeutter Nebraska February 16, 1989 March 1, 1991 George Bush
24 Edward Rell Madigan - USDA portrait.png Edward Rell Madigan Illinois March 8, 1991 January 20, 1993
25th Mike Espy.jpg Alphonso Michael Espy Mississippi January 22, 1993 December 31, 1994 Bill Clinton
26th Dan glickman.jpg Daniel Robert Glickman Kansas March 30, 1995 January 19, 2001
27 Ann Veneman.jpg Ann Margaret Veneman California January 20, 2001 January 20, 2005 George W. Bush
28 Mike Johanns.jpg Michael Owen Johanns Nebraska January 21, 2005 September 20, 2007
29 Ed Schafer - February 2008.jpg Edward Thomas Schafer North Dakota January 28, 2008 January 20, 2009
30th Tom Vilsack, official USDA photo portrait.jpg Thomas James Vilsack Iowa January 20, 2009 20th January 2017 Barack Obama
31 Secretary of Agriculture nominee Sonny Perdue February 2017.jpg Sonny Perdue Georgia April 25, 2017 officiating Donald Trump

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