Margaretha Elisabeth von Manderscheid-Blankenheim-Gerolstein

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Margaretha Elisabeth von Manderscheid-Blankenheim-Gerolstein (* 1575 , † 28. November 1604 in Arnhem ) was abbess in pen Freckenhorst and Abbess in Essen Abbey .


Origin and family

As the daughter of Count Johann Gerhard von Manderscheid-Blankenheim-Gerolstein (1536–1611) and his wife Margarethe von Dhaun-Neuweiler (1540–1600), Margaretha Elisabeth grew up with her siblings Johann Philipp, Wilhelm, Gerhard (all canons in Cologne), Elisabeth (Abbess in Essen ) and Anna Margarethe (married to Ludwig Günther von Nassau ) in a Protestant aristocratic family .

Career and work

After Metta von Limburg-Styrum had resigned, the Freckenhorster Chapter was asked by the governors and councilors of the Münster monastery to set a date for the new elections. Margaretha Elisabeth referred to herself with the full title shortly after her election, although confirmation by the bishop was still pending. The reason for this was that there were considerable discrepancies between the election surrender in the original text and the copies that were submitted to the cathedral chapter for confirmation.

She had undertaken to abolish the disorder that had previously occurred in the church services and all other failures and to restore order based on the model of the cathedral in Münster. In addition, she promised not to take over any more abbeys and to gradually repay the debt, which had grown to 6,250 gold guilders. A visitation was carried out on May 21, 1592 with the aim of restoring the old ceremonies and the original Catholic religion. Only on October 2, 1592 did the bishop confirm her choice, although she had not taken her oath of faith because of her confession.

In 1598 Margaretha Elisabeth was elected abbess of the Imperial Monastery of Essen - contrary to what she stated in the electoral surrender .

She stayed for the funeral of her brother-in-law Ludwig Günther von Nassau in Arnhem, where she died on November 28, 1604 and was buried on November 30 in the Eusebiuskerk in the crypt of the Dukes of Geldern .

Elisabeth von der Lippe was chosen as her successor . This did not exercise its office because of the adverse conditions. That's why Elisabeth von Berg resided . She was also her successor at Essen Abbey.


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