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Margarita Lozano ( Tetouan , February 14, 1931 - Lorca , February 7, 2022 ) was a Spanish actress , best known for her roles in Italian film productions such as For a Fistful of Dollars .


Margarita Lozano was born in 1931 in Tétouan, which at that time still belonged to Spanish Morocco . Her first minor acting role was in the 1953 Spanish film Hermano menor . She starred in several other Spanish film productions, including 1961 as the housekeeper Ramona in Luis Buñuel's Viridiana .

In 1963, Lozano switched from Spanish to Italian film. Her first role there was in 1963 's Il peccato . In the following forty years she appeared in more than twenty Italian film productions. Lozano's best-known role came in 1964 as Consuelo Baxter , the later murdered leader of a family clan in the western A Fistful of Dollars , starring Clint Eastwood . She starred as Amalia in the 1969 Italian-French drama A Hot November .

Lozano's later roles included Mariagrazia in the 1984 literary adaptation Kaos and Baptistine in the 1986 French production Jean Florette . That same year she had a starring role as Eleanora Moro , wife of Aldo Moro , in The Aldo Affair to see Moro . In 2006, Lozano ended her acting career at the age of 75.

In May 2015, Margarita Lozano received an honorary doctorate from the University of Murcia . In 2018 she was honored for her artistic achievements with the state award Medalla de Oro al mérito en las Bellas Artes for cultural workers. Lozano lived on a plantation in Bagnaia . She died in February 2022, a week before her 91st birthday.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1953: Hermano Menor
  • 1959 Diego Corrientes
  • 1961: Viridiana
  • 1964: For a Fistful of Dollars (Per un pugno di dollari)
  • 1969: The Pigsty (Porcile)
  • 1969: A Hot November (Un bellissimo novembre)
  • 1969: The Ax (Baltagul)
  • 1982: The Night of San Lorenzo (La Notte di San Lorenzo)
  • 1984: Chaos
  • 1985: The fair is over (La messa è finita)
  • 1986 Jean Florette
  • 1986: Manon's Revenge (Manon des Sources)
  • 1986: The Aldo Moro Affair (Il caso Moro)
  • 1986: La mitad del cielo
  • 1987: Good Morning, Babylon
  • 1987: Bluebeard and His Children (Barbablù, Barbablù)
  • 1987-1988: Federico Garcia Lorca - The Death of a Poet ( Lorca, muerte de un poeta ; TV series)
  • 1990: Night Sun (Il sole anche di notte)
  • 1991: Mima

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