Kaos (film)

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German title Kaos
Original title Kaos
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1984
length 188 minutes
Director Paolo & Vittorio Taviani
script Paolo & Vittorio Taviani
Tonino Guerra
production Giuliani G. De Negri
music Nicola Piovani
camera Giuseppe Lanci
cut Roberto Perpignani

Kaos is an Italian literary film adaptation made in 1984 by brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani . It is based on short stories by the writer Luigi Pirandello .


The film includes five novellas Pirandellos set in Sicily in the 19th century . A raven leads from one story to the next.

  • L'altro figlio (The Other Son) is about a mother whose two sons emigrated to the United States.
  • Mal di luna (moonstruck) tells of a moonstruck man and his young wife.
  • La Giara (The Jug) is about a stingy man who has to recognize how ephemeral property and wealth are.
  • Requiem tells of Sicilian farmers who demand the right to be buried in the earth they are cultivating.
  • In Colloquio con la madre (Conversation with his mother), Pirandello himself, called by his late mother, returns to his parents' house and remembers his youth.


Luigi Pirandello was born in a suburb of Agrigento on a small country estate called “Caos” ( Sicilian for home). Hence the film title is derived. The five novellas come from the Novellen collection for one year .


Lexicon of international film : “Despite folk and at times fluctuating traits, the stories are broad, serious and heavily symbolized and exaggerated in philosophical dimensions by the framework and epilogue. Great poetic narrative cinema and at the same time multilayered reflection on problems of narration. "


The film was awarded three film prizes.

  • Silver Ribbon from the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 1985 in the Best Screenplay category
  • David di Donatello in 1985 in the categories of Best Screenplay and Best Production

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