The Aldo Moro affair

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German title The Aldo Moro affair
Original title Il caso Moro
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1986
length 117 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Giuseppe Ferrara
script Robert Katz
Armenia Balducci
Giuseppe Ferrara based on the book Days of Wrath by Robert Katz
production Mauro Berardi for Yarno, Italy
music Pino Donaggio
camera Camillo Bazzoni
cut Roberto Perpignani

The Aldo Moro Affair is an Italian film about the kidnapping and murder of the Italian politician Aldo Moro from 1986.


The kidnapping of the leader of the Italian Christian Democratic Party, Aldo Moro, by members of the Red Brigades terrorist organization on March 16, 1978 plunged the government into a crippling incapacity.

While Moro had to answer the kidnappers in a so-called People's Court, the Moro family's hopes that the government could obtain their release are fading. All attempts fail in a muddled negotiation situation; Moro is murdered.


The 1986 feature film The Aldo Moro Affair by director Giuseppe Ferrara provides a reconstruction of the events from the kidnapping to the murder using original film material, which also throws a critical light on the Italian political class at the time. The film speculates about a plot between the terrorists of the Red Brigades and various reactionary forces, which the Christian Democrat Moro, ready for a historical compromise with the communists , was a thorn in the side of.

The film premiered on March 2, 1987 in the competition at the Berlin International Film Festival; the cinema release was on June 16, 1988.


Main actor Gian Maria Volonté received the Silver Bear for best actor at the Berlinale 1987 .


Gian Maria Volonté

Frauke Franck wrote in tz : “A political thriller of the Italian kind: concrete, sensual, tangible, exciting, committed, intelligent. Director Giuseppe Ferrara comes from journalism and documentary film - good prerequisites for political cinema. An even better prerequisite is the great Gian Maria Volonté as the main actor. Above all, it was the human personality Aldo Moro, the loving family man, husband, grandfather. Volonté has moving moments in the cramped cubicle of his terrorist prison. But Ferrara lets his film work too much on the word; there is hardly a minute without dialogue. But if you listen carefully, you have the chance to speculate about the dubious state affair. "

Michael Altben wrote in Die Zeit : “The facts are frighteningly sober and precise and fall upon the person of Moro like a black hole. All lines of the film lead there, all thoughts are swallowed up by the sympathy for the human sacrifice. Gian Maria Volonte plays Moro dignified and upright, resigned to death and hopeful. Once before, in 1976, he was seen in a barely concealed portrait of the politician. In Elio Petri's ' Todo Modo ' he was the symbol of the bigoted, corrupt bigwig who died in an assassination attempt at the end of the film. Seen from there, the Aldo Moro affair is the tragedy of a ridiculous man. "


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