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Dietrich Kuhlbrodt (born October 15, 1932 in Hamburg ) is a German lawyer , author and actor who lives in the city of his birth. The Chief Public Prosecutor a. D. has been writing film and theater reviews since 1957.

Activities and works

As a public prosecutor, he was responsible for the prosecution of crimes of the National Socialist era at the Hamburg district court . In the 1960s he worked for the central office of the state justice administrations for the investigation of National Socialist crimes in Ludwigsburg .

He co-wrote the script for the Love Council and produced the ZDF film The Youngest German Cinema . He was the first author to portray the music and films of the group Die Tödliche Doris in the Frankfurter Rundschau and tip . He is the author of the Tödliche Doris music and book project Natural Disasters and her Super 8 film book KINO . Their 1981 scandalous film , The Life of Sid Vicious , played by Oskar, the two-year-old son of the deadly Doris drummer Dagmar Dimitroff, who strolls through West Berlin in a swastika T-shirt , was expressly included in the Frankfurter Rundschau and when it appeared the newspaper Ästhetik & Kommunikation in Schutz: “Oskar cannot be a Nazi. He was just two years old when he was shooting. "

He had a long-standing working group with Christoph Schlingensief . He appeared as a performer in films such as Hundert Jahre Adolf Hitler , Das deutsche Kettensägemassaker , United Trash and Mein 20 th Century . On stage he appeared in Monsterdämmerung , ATTA ATTA - Art has broken out , Bambiland and Attabambi - Pornoland , among others . Since 2003 he has been co-publisher of the Internet magazine Filmzentrale .

He used his experience as a film critic and public prosecutor to critically present the depiction of the National Socialist era in post-war German film in the book Deutsches Filmwunder - Nazis Always Better .

Since the beginning of 2011, Kuhlbrodt has been working under the pseudonym "Opa16" in the artist collective HGich.T .

Dietrich Kuhlbrodt is the brother of the actor Rüdiger Kuhlbrodt .

Films (actors)

  • 1984: Death to the spectator
  • 1984: Decoder as Crisis Staff
  • 1986: Menu total
  • 1986: Egomania - island without hope as a notary
  • 1988: Sheep in Wales (TV) as Helmut
  • 1989: 100 years of Adolf Hitler - the last hour in the Führerbunker as Joseph Goebbels
  • 1989: Adrian and the Romans as glass eaters
  • 1990: The German chainsaw massacre as Dietrich
  • 1991: Europe as an inspector
  • 1994: Death of a world star (TV) as Dietrich Johannson
  • 1994: Terror 2000 - intensive care unit Germany as Nazi leader
  • 1995: Bismarckpolka as cashier
  • 1996: United Trash as Hassan's Minister / Foreign Minister Christoffersen
  • 1997: Death of a firefighter
  • 1997: The 120 days of Bottrop as the main critic
  • 2012: Brother (short film) as father
  • 2012: That's life itself! as Hugo Largo
  • 2013: Music video "The Investor" ( The Golden Lemons )
  • 2014: Emma has wings as a man on the subway
  • 2015: in "Heil" as an old Nazi bed neighbor
  • 2015: ABCs of Superheroes
  • 2016: Teuropa (short film) as a lawyer
  • 2016: Temporary Esprit (short film)
  • 2019: Gasman


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