Maria Queen (Bodenwerder)

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Parish Church of Mary Queen

Maria Königin is the Roman Catholic parish church of Bodenwerder . It stands opposite the old town on the east side of the Weser . The branch churches Holy Family Eschershausen and Herz Jesu Stadtoldendorf also belong to the parish. Your parish of the same name belongs to the Weserbergland Dean's Office of the Hildesheim diocese .


The Maria-Königin-Kirche was built in 1960 according to plans by the Paderborn architect Lipsmeier. It has the shape of a house tent with a steep, deep saddle roof , which is anchored to the ground with twelve inclined concrete pillars like tent ropes. The walls are made of ocher brick. Above the entrance there is a large figure of the crowned Mother of God with child by Erentrud Trost .

The same artist designed the altar wall inside, which shows Christ as teacher and light of the world . It is surrounded by an arc on which the twelve apostles can be seen with their attributes and Mary as queen in their midst; Above in the triangular pediment four trumpet angels under the window, which indicates the Trinity . Also noteworthy is the picture window to the left of the altar, which shows three secrets of the Joyful Rosary .

The organ with 12 registers and 844 pipes comes from the organ manufacturer Klais .


St. Nikolai, the parish church of Bodenwerder, and the Kemnade monastery became Lutheran in 1542 . Supported by Baroness Mathilde von Hake, St. Mass celebrated. In 1932, with the help of the baroness and many donors, the St. Stephen's Chapel was built. But it was not until 1956 that Bodenwerder became a curate and in 1965 a parish . In the meantime, the expulsion from the east had brought many Catholics to Bodenwerder. On April 23, 1960, Bishop Heinrich Maria Janssen consecrated the new St. Mary's Church, built next to the old chapel, the patronage of which is reminiscent of the Kemnad monastery tradition. The Stephanus chapel had to give way to the new parish hall in 1966.

In 2010 the parish has around 3,000 members. The parish priest is currently Jan Lacki and Deacon Bernward Artmann.

Coordinates: 51 ° 58 ′ 22.5 ″  N , 9 ° 31 ′ 9.2 ″  E