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Marie-Thérèse Kerschbaumer (born August 31, 1936 in Garches , France ) is an Austrian writer . She also translates literary texts from Romance languages.


Marie-Thérèse Angèle Raymonde Kerschbaumer, real name Marie-Thérèse Kurz, was born on August 31, 1936 as the daughter of Mrs. Hildegarde Anna Srnka-Hohenlindegg, née Kerschbaumer, and the Havana- born Spaniard Angel Rosendo García del Barco y Alonso, in Garches ( Seine-et-Oîse), France, born and baptized on September 10, 1936 in the Church of Saint-Denis . Godmother is the child's aunt Angela Hablützel, née Kerschbaumer, in whose house in Vaucresson the child's parents had found refuge for a short time while fleeing from the bombing of their then place of residence in Barcelona. Parents and children travel to Costa Rica in October 1936. Mother and child return to Kitzbühel from Costa Rica in April 1939. From the age of four she was taken in and brought up by her grandfather, Leo Maria Kerschbaumer.


From 1942 to 1950 she attended elementary and secondary school in St. Johann in Tirol and Kitzbühel , from 1950 to 1953 a commercial vocational school and in the same year 1953 as a clerk in Innsbruck. This is followed by three years in England and Italy to learn English and Italian. In 1957 she moved to Vienna, where she did not pass the entrance examination to the Academy of Fine Arts. This was followed by trips and stays in Geneva and Provence. 1961–1962 she attended a high school diploma in Vienna, which was completed in 1963 with the final exams for external students. She then matriculated at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Vienna , where she studied German and Romance studies (with a focus on Italian). In the autumn of 1966 her dissertation topic was created: "The syntactic emphasis in modern Romanian" by C. Th. Gossen. Study visits to Italy and Romania. In March 1973 she received her doctorate as Doctoris Philosophiae et Honoris Iura et Privilegia Nomen.



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Working as an editor

  • ARKADIEN / APOLOGIE…, Vienna: Sonderzahl Verlag 2003 with contributions by: María Elena Blanco, Barbara Frischmuth, Sabine Gruber, Rodolfo Häsler, Bodo Hell, Gert Jonke, Gerhard Kofler, Alfred Kolleritsch, Friederike Kretzen, Kurt Lanthaler, Gertrud Leutenegger, Konrad Paul Liessmann, Aurora Luque, Anna Mitgutsch, Kurt Neumann, Heidi Pataki, Ferdinand Schmatz and Julian Schutting
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