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Martin Kelp (* 1659 in Halvelagen ; † June 5, 1694 in Meschen ) was a Transylvanian-Saxon Lutheran clergyman, historian and educator.


Born as the son of the former rector of the Schäßburg mountain school and pastor of Halvelagen Georg Kelp, he first attended the school in his hometown. He went to high school in Sibiu , then returned to his hometown for a year and had acquired the skills needed to attend university. Via a trip to Poland in 1679 he came to the University of Wittenberg , and about two years later went to Hamburg to study Hebrew language with Esdras Edzardus . Afterwards, Kelp moved to the University of Leipzig in order to acquire the academic degree of a master's degree there in 1684 with the dissertation "Natales Saxonum Transsilvaniae aposciasmate historico illustrati".

In July 1684 he returned to his home country and there, succeeding Elias Ladiver , was rector of the Schäßburg grammar school. In doing so, he made a great contribution to the education of the youth and founded the library there. In the summer of 1687 he became a pastor in Bodendorf (Transylvania) , where he continued to teach privately. He then went to Meschen as a pastor, where he died at a young age. As a pedagogue, he had trained a large number of personalities and made a name for himself with his work on the history of Transylvania.

Selection of works

  • De magistratu politico , 1685
  • Positiones theologicae ex articulo de ministerio ecclesiastico


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