Marty Nunatakker

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Marty Nunatakker
location Australian Antarctic Territory , East Antarctica
part of Britannia Range , Transantarctic Mountains
Marty Nunatakker (Antarctica)
Marty Nunatakker
Coordinates 80 ° 9 ′  S , 155 ° 14 ′  E Coordinates: 80 ° 9 ′  S , 155 ° 14 ′  E

The Marty Nunatakker are around half a dozen Nunatakker over 2000  m high in the Australian Antarctic Territory . In the western part of the Britannia Range of the Transantarctic Mountains they are distributed halfway between Haven Mountain and Vantage Hill over a length of 12 km in an east-west orientation. Only about 200 m of their total height protrude above the surrounding ice masses.

The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named them in 2001 after Jerry William Marty (* 1946), who from 1969 worked in various functions for the National Science Foundation in Antarctica , e. B. in the modernization of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station between 1994 and 1998.

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