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Mats Wahl (born May 10, 1945 in Malmö ) is a Swedish writer .


Wahl spent his childhood in Gotland and Stockholm , where he lives today. He studied pedagogy , literary history and social anthropology at Stockholm University . In 1965 he started a teaching traineeship. He wrote down his experiences in dealing with problem children in several educational books and articles. In the 1980s he began writing novels for adults and for children and adolescents. In addition to historical novels and novels for young people, his work also includes non-fiction, scripts and plays; in Sweden alone he brought out 42 books and 5 plays.


In the English-speaking world, he has become one of the most famous Scandinavian authors of books for young people with his books for young people. There are structural parallels within his books: almost every story has a plot around the father of the main character. In Soap , the main character's father commits insurance fraud, the main character's father John-John in Winter Bay abandons him and his mother.

With Kill , the third crime story about Commissioner Harald Fors was published, for which he received the awards The best 7 books for young readers (DeutschlandRadio / Focus) in June 2005 and the Silver Lufti (Lufti youth book jury) in January 2006 . The novel Die Rache , which appeared in 2007, is the fourth crime novel about Harald Fors. Die Rache is published in German as a hardcover and as a paperback. He has received numerous literary prizes for his books for young people . For example, he was awarded the Nils Holgersson plaque (1989), the International Janusz Korczak Literature Prize in 1994 and the German Youth Literature Prize in 1996 for the novel Winterbucht and the August Prize in 1993. He also received the Gustav Heinemann Peace Prize for books for children and young people in 2002 for The Invisible One and was twice a winner of the JuBu Book of the Month (06/2004 and 01/2005).


Harald Fors crime novels

  • 2000: The Invisible One
  • 2004: Cold silence
  • 2005: Kill
  • 2007: the revenge

Other works

  • 1988: raspberry eagle
  • 1993: The long run on the ground
  • 1994: Longing for great love
  • 1995: Winter Bay ( Vinterviken )
  • 1995: Därvarn's journey
  • 1995: The Vasa
  • 1996: The lie
  • 1996: The beach man
  • 1996: A couple of really nice days
  • 1997: Wall of Anger
  • 1997: Emma and Daniel
  • 1999: So beautiful it hurts
  • 1999: The long journey
  • 1999: Until the showdown
  • 2002: The people of Birka
  • 2002: John-John
  • 2003: Emma's trip
  • 2004: Soap or Life
  • 2005: Swedish for idiots
  • 2011: You have to tell the truth
  • 2014: like a fiery scream
  • 2015: Stormland - The Riders

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