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Matthias Baltes (born April 13, 1940 in Bardenberg ; † January 21, 2003 in Münster ) was a German classical scholar . In his research he dealt mainly with the Platonists .


Baltes completed his Abitur at the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium in Aachen and then studied classical philology, philosophy and history at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz with Walter Marg and at times at the University of Bern with Willy Theiler . In Mainz he received his doctorate in 1968 with a commentary on “On the nature of the cosmos and the soul” by the pseudo Timaeus of Lokroi and then moved to the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster as a research assistant . Baltes completed his habilitation in 1974 with the two-volume work "The Origin of the World of the Platonic Timaeus according to the ancient interpreters" . From 1977 until his death he was an adjunct professor in Münster.

His most extensive project was to be the series "Platonism in antiquity" begun by Heinrich Dörrie , which he took over after Dörrie's death in 1983. Together with Annemarie Dörrie and a pupil of Heinrich Dörrie, Friedhelm Mann , Matthias Baltes continued the work so that the first volume could appear in 1987. Until 2002, Baltes published five more volumes at regular intervals. In addition, a large number of essays, articles and reviews are from Baltes.

Academia Platonica Septima Monasteriensis

In October 1999, Baltes founded the Academia Platonica Septima Monasteriensis together with numerous scientists from all over Europe (including Barbara Aland , Jens Halfwassen and Thomas Leinkauf ) , which does not deal primarily with the writings of Plato, but with those of his interpreters, the Platonists, from antiquity employed until the Renaissance. The aim of the academy is to promote the study of the texts of the Platonists.

Works (selection)

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  • Dianoemata. Small writings on Plato and Platonism , Stuttgart 1999.
  • Marius Victorinus. On philosophy in his writings , Leipzig 2002.
  • Platonism in antiquity , 6 vols., Stuttgart 1987–2002.


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