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Maur Cocheril (born June 30, 1914 in Vitré ; † November 25, 1982 in Entrammes, Département Mayenne ) was a French Trappist and religious historian.

life and work

Cocheril grew up in the Breton language and didn't learn French until school. Like his father, he practiced the painting trade until 1937, but took advantage of the opportunity to get around by frequent company changes. In 1938 the long anti-clerical Cocheril felt the vocation to a priest and entered the Franciscan monastery Bastogne (closed in 2002) , from where he was sent to the Soissons seminary to study theology . After a brief military service in the marine infantry, he returned to the seminary, which had meanwhile moved to the Trappist monastery Port-du-Salut in Entrammes near Laval , and remained (under Abbot Edmond Neveu) as a monk in the monastery (solemn profession in 1945, ordination in 1946).

The researcher

Cocheril, who concentrated on researching the early Cistercian chant, came to Portugal for the first time in 1953 in search of manuscripts, discovered there the wealth of Portuguese Cistercian history, which was little known in the order, and devoted the following thirty years to this research subject he rose to become a recognized expert (from 1962 member of the Center national de la recherche scientifique ). He was a corresponding member of the Academia Portuguesa de História and a scholarship holder of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation , as well as an officer of the Portuguese Order of Christ .


Cocheril writes about the church of the Mosteiro de Alcobaça : “Due to the rise of the nave, the height and depth of the vault, the majesty of the entire monastery complex with the two towering towers, the church of Alcobaça is a signal directed to the sky . It's a well, a scream. The white horizontals of the wing structures on both sides of the church facade are the arms clad with the dome, which the white monk opens as a gesture of welcome ... Alcobaça is in the highest form harmony and peace, measure and balance. ”( L'église d'Alcobaça, par l 'élan de sa nef, la profondeur et la hauteur de ses voûtes, la majesté de son sanctuaire, l'envol de ses deux tours, est un signal dressé vers le ciel.C'est un jaillissement, un cri. Les deux horizontales blanches qui s'étendent de part et d'autre, ce sont les deux bras du moine blanc, vêtus de la coule, ouverts dans un large geste d'accueil. ... Alcobaça est, par excellence, harmonie et paix, mesure pond etération. )

Cocheril and Darfeld

On the French side, Cocheril was the driving force behind the establishment (in 1970) of the partnership between Entrammes and the Westphalian town of Rosendahl , in whose district Darfeld there was a Trappist settlement from 1795 to 1825 (first priory under Abbot Augustin de Lestrange of Valsainte , then his own Abbey), whose French members founded the Port-du-Salut monastery in 1816 .


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