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Maurizio Merli (born February 8, 1940 in Rome , † March 10, 1989 ibid) was an Italian actor .


Since the 1960s, Merli has mostly played supporting roles in Italian productions; his main activity at that time was the stage. From 1974 he was mainly seen in the leading roles of Poliziottesco films, in which he mostly portrayed law enforcement officers going it alone. He often worked with Umberto Lenzi and Stelvio Massi . He also appeared in the late western Mannaja . He also worked for television.

He died in 1989 at the age of 49 from complications from a heart attack that he suffered while playing tennis.


“Merli set standards simply by embodying the rough-legged police loner. The currently politically incorrect style, its exaggerated, already comic-like characters, as well as the crude direct tone, fascinate an audience especially today, which has always liked to feel at home away from common market mechanisms. "

- Karsten Thurau : in Der Terror directs

Filmography (selection)

  • 1967: Two idiots against Django (Due rrringos nel Texas)
  • 1968: Fenomenal e il tesoro di Tutankamen
  • 1969: Eros e Thanatos
  • 1972: Decameron Proibitissimo (Boccaccio mio statte zitto)
  • 1975: violence rages through the city (Roma violenta)
  • 1975: The Viper (Roma a mano armata)
  • 1975: Wolfsblut intervenes (Zanna Bianca alla riscossa)
  • 1976: City in Panic (Paura in città)
  • 1976: Cop Hunter (Italia a mano armata)
  • 1976: Camorra - A bull cleans up (Napoli violenta)
  • 1977: Mannaja - The ax of death (Mannaja)
  • 1977: The Pimp (Poliziotto senza paura)
  • 1977: I am violence (Il cinico, l'infame, il violento)
  • 1977: Highway Racer (Poliziotto sprint)
  • 1978: Covert Action - narcotics kill quietly (Sono stato un agente CIA)
  • 1978: killers die lonely (I gabbiani volano basso)
  • 1978: Commissioner Mariani - Sentenced to death (Il commissario di ferro)
  • 1978: Convoy Busters (Un poliziotto scomodo)
  • 1979: From Corleone to Brooklyn (Da Corleone a Brooklyn)
  • 1979: Hunted City (Sbirro, la tua legge è lenta ... la mia ... no!)
  • 1979: Two tough professionals (Poliziotto, solitudine e rabbia)
  • 1980: Buitres sobre la ciudad
  • 1981: Priest of Love
  • 1983: Secret Command CIA (Notturno)
  • 1987: Blue Tango (Tango Blu)

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