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Max Eduard Martin (born November 19, 1939 in Füllinsdorf ; † December 30, 2016 in Basel ) was a Swiss provincial Roman archaeologist and medieval archaeologist . He was a professor at the University of Basel and the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and a corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute .

Martin was considered a specialist in Roman times , late antiquity and the early Middle Ages , who developed questions of cultural history based on precise formal analyzes and with the help of related sciences (numismatics, onomastics, etc.). He made important research contributions on the chronology, typology and addition custom of the Merovingian period . He is one of the initiators of the Association française d'archéologie mérovingienne (AFAM).

In mid-December 2004 a commemorative publication was published on his 65th birthday with 17 contributions from schoolchildren; the contributions deal with various topics under the title Hüben und Drüben: Spaces and Boundaries in the Archeology of the Early Middle Ages , primarily on the basis of Swiss, German and French finds and findings. In 2016 his collected essays were published as small writings in five volumes in a small edition of 28 copies.


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